Confidential file of Sony Pictures which hacked such as movie actress passport copy released

Sony Pictures EntertainmentThe whole system is down by the hacker's hacking named "# GOP", and the image of the employee's personal computer with intimidation sentence "to release confidential data acquired unless requested by the specified time" It is displayed. It is reported that the confidential information of Sony Pictures was released as warned on 27th November, although it was a hacking riot which did not move even after 23:00 (GMT) on 24th November at the designated time.

I used to work for Sony Pictures. My friend still works there and sent me this. It's on every computer all over Sony Pictures nationwide.: Hacking

Sony Pictures hackers release list of stolen corporate files | Ars Technica

Local time Sony Pictures, which has been down the whole system by hacking since November 24, 2014. Although the damage has expanded, such as taking over a few related Twitter accounts, the spokesperson only commented that it is "investigating IT problems" and it is unclear how much the restoration is proceeding It was state.

Reddit has created a thread related to Sony Pictures hacking, and reddit users discovered that files containing some confidential information are published. The file is a 217.6 MB ZIP file containing three text files and the text file called "readme.txt" says "Another text file is a list of sensitive information we obtained from Sony Pictures" It is said that there is. In addition, I am disclosing my e-mail address to those who want to receive data, and I am referring myself as "Guardians of Peace".

According to the published list, the total data collected by hackers from Sony Pictures is about 1 GB. The contents are as follows.

· PDF file:Jonah Hill,Cameron Diaz,Angelina JolieActors / actresses such as, and copies of employee's passport or visa
· About 700 document files:FTP password, personal password, password for specific service, password hint etc.
· 179 Outlook data files (.pst):Data including mail boxes such as Sony Pictures employees, stored mails, backup files, etc.
· Password protected documents:PASSWORD PALABRA SECRETA NISSAN.xlsx, PwC 2007 Report_PASSWORD_pwcemc60.pdf, etc.
· Business documents:Documents such as movie budget and JR_Accrued Mktg Cost 0513 - Evil Dead.xls, Cameron Diaz - Pre-approved Medical Rider.doc etc.
·personal information:Public key file,1 PasswordDatabase backup file etc
· Media file:Pirated movie file which is considered to be for verification. Adventure Time-2x04a-Power Animal.avi, Adventure Time Her Parents.avi, Adventure Time The Silent King.avi, Adventure, Time-2x09b-Susan Strong.avi, Adventure Time-2x11a-Belly of the Beast.avi, Human. Planet.S01E05.720p.BluRay.x264 - SHORTBREHD.mkv etc.

· Continued
Emergency situation in which several movies including unpublished works leak out of Sony Pictures - GIGAZINE

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