"Robo house project" where a robot looks at TV for 6 years and a robot opens a refrigerator and behaves like a human being

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As humans live in the house, not only consumption of electricity and water by the use of refrigerators and shower, but also sweat from human beings, fluctuation of invisible humidity due to wet laundry, various Change will occur. In order to measure such changes in the living space, the robot continues to move as if the human lives, and can obtain the same data as when the human lived "Robo House Project(Campbell · Creek Project) "was held for 6 years.

Robohouse Project Pumped Simulated Sweat And Breath Into Empty Homes

Between 2009 and 2014, a project to bring robots to three 2-story houses in the city of Campbell Creek in Tennessee, USA was held.Tennessee River Basin Development Corporation(TVA),Society of Electric Power Research(EPRI),Oak Ridge National Laboratory(ORNL), and is aimed at realistic data analysis of new buildings and new equipment such as refrigerators · water heater · washing machine · insulation materials with excellent energy efficiency.

Initially we had plans to live in a family of three families as a tester and plan to compare the measurement data of 6 years and to average the cost of utilities and resources, but "The child leaves home for going on to school "Because the data such as the room temperature will be influenced by human-induced factors that occur during the past six years, such as" Start living with parents "" Robo House Project "has started. Director Patrick Hughes, director of the Institute of Architectural Technology at ORNL, said, "The reason for choosing a robot is that it allows comparisons from the three houses under identical conditions and it is possible to set effective energy usage for testing." It is.

The robots among the three Robo houses will input actions based on average American profile data such as "time to open the refrigerator door" "time of the shower" "time to turn on the TV" . Robots in an uninhabited house light up the washroom electricity in the morning, shower the empty bathtub, open and close the refrigerator regularly, use a dishwasher, washing machine or TV, sleeping I will go out in time. Robot is not a biped walking robot that behaves like a human being but a bucket type robot which is used as follows.

Amount of moisture to be released per day is stored in the bucket, and opening and closing of the refrigerator etc. is done with the robot arm. Since there is no moving function and it is not possible to carry laundered laundry to the dryer, we need a towel in the washing machine and dryer beforehand and we need a built-in misting machine inside the dryer We create a daily washing situation and make accurate data measurable. There is no food item in the refrigerator, but by adjusting the temperature of the container containing water, it is creating a practical use situation.

Thorough emulation system, which can also be called obsession, enables us to analyze the most comfortable building facilities for human beings, so we succeeded in measuring accurate data in projects conducted in three houses. Roderick Jackson, ORNL researcher and program manager for the Robo House Project, says, "Do not put humans in the house can express a better human life." The project is finished in October 2014, the three houses used for the test were put out for sale, and it is now that the human family, not the robot, lives.

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