Movie that understands the influence and side effects of MDMA popular for young people as a party drag on the brain

The YouTube channel operated by Mr. Mitchell Moffitt and Gregory BrownAsapSciencePublishes movies that describe easily and clearly various phenomena related phenomena every week. Among them, popular among young peopleMDMA"The influence that the drug gives to the brain and the side effects resulting from it are excellent, and it is excellent, and let me understand very easily about" reason why you should not hand out MDMA easily ".

Your Brain On MDMA - YouTube

About 2 million illegal drugs are imported into the USA every day, and many university students are trying out as interested. Even at the prestigious Stanford University, 30% of students have tried MDMA. So, what kind of drugs will MDMA affect the body?

The official name of MDMA is "3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine". Taking an acronym for the name, it is called MDMA, and it is usually drunk like a capsule or tablet.

To MDMAamphetamineYacaffeineIs added to "ECSTASY (Ecstacy)" is a popular drug for young people.

MDMA affects neurotransmitters in the brain. Neurotransmitters are chemical substances that communicate in the body and control reflexes, emotions, memories, etc.

EspeciallySerotoninThe neurotransmitter controls appetite, sleep, memory, learning, and mood.

When a very good incident happens in life, for example when you fall in love, serotonin is released in large quantities from neurons of the brain, stimulating the body makes you feel happy.

When you drink MDMA, a large amount of serotonin is released in the same way,DopamineYaNoradrenalinIn addition to the neurotransmitter such as the electrical sparks in the brain skip.

MDMA is popular as "drag perfect for parties", because happiness, sociability, empathy increases and it does not need to go to sleep.

The effectiveness of MDMA is 3 to 8 hours. Meanwhile, brain cells take serotonin and continue to destroy. However, since MDMA releases too much serotonin, it destroys more serotonin than usual.

As a result, when the brain returns to normal state,ReceptorSerotonin binding to overwhelmingly becomes a condition, side effects such as severe drug sickness as a reaction, feeling depressed, feeling depressed or abnormal fatigue occurs.

Even though there are side effects like this MDMAPTSDIt is being studied as a remedy for. PTSD reduces the amount of information transmission between the amygdala and hippocampus of the brain.

It is clear from MRI analysis that MDMA increases the amount of information transmission in that area. In other words, we will supplement the amount of information transmission dropped by PTSD with MDMA.

However, in experiments using rats and monkeys, it was found that even a small amount of MDMA destroys the terminal part of brain cells and causes semipermanent brain dysfunction. Therefore, PTSD treatment by MDMA administration causes many discussions.

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