I tried to eat "white mountain of mushrooms and caramel of mushrooms" and "Takaneko no Sato white & cocoa" which is white like a winter season

MeijiMountain mushroom mush of mushroom"Takaneko no Sato WhiteWe will release products of limited-time version such as "Frequently." "Mushroom mountain milk & caramel" and "Takaneko no Sato white & cocoa" which was released on Tuesday, November 18 are items that feel winteriness using milk chocolate and white chocolate, respectively So I bought it and tried it.

A mellow and deep new flavor that you want to taste in the cold winter appears! "Mushroom mountain milk & amp; caramel" "Takeo no Kita no Sato white & amp; cocoa" New release

The package of "mushroom mountain milk & amp; caramel" and "Takeoko no Sato white & amp; cocoa" is a color reminiscent of autumn and winter.

Mushroom mountain milk & amp; caramel is an orange package and snow is drawn.

A stamp on which a snowman was drawn was stuck.

Mushroom mountain milk & amp; caramel is made with milk chocolate / caramel taste chocolate cracker.

Raw materials such as flour, cocoa powder, lactose, sugar, vegetable oil, whole milk powder, condensed powder, caramel powder, shortening, creaming powder, isomerized liquid sugar, malt paste, caramel paste, etc.

Calories are 380 kcal per box (66 grams).

When opening it, the wrapping in it is a color reminiscent of autumn and winter.

When opening it, the scent of caramel spreads faintly.

The color of the mushroom umbrella is divided into two colors with milk and caramel.

When I try to eat, the texture of the crackers made crispy does not change, the combination of gently sweet milk taste and caramel with bittersweet is good. Although it is slightly chocolate but lacking, it tastes easy to eat without becoming too sweet or bitterness too strong, it seems to be preferred regardless of age and sex.

Takeoko no Sato White & amp; Cocoa is a package based on white and cream colors.

It has a structure of white chocolate and cocoa cookie with cocoa cookie.

Raw materials include sugar · flour · cocoa butter · sugar · shortening · egg · whole milk powder · creaming powder · egg white · margarine · cocoa powder · salt · butter processed products. It differs considerably from the mountain of mushrooms.

The calorie is 358 kcal, slightly lower calorie than the mountain milk of mushrooms & amp; caramel.

When opening the paper box, a warm and friendly package appeared.

Furthermore, when opening the bag, the bamboos village where the contrast between white and black became clear became appearance.

Takeoko no Sato White & amp; Cocoa is somewhat dark on the surface, as the powder of cocoa cookie sticks to white chocolate.

When eating, the chocolate taste is stronger than mushrooms mountain milk & amp; caramel, and chocolate taste is felt firmly from cocoa cookie. The part of cookie is a little moisture, not a crispy texture, but the sweetness is not that strong, so it was making it possible to enjoy the taste of chocolate firmly.

"Mountain milk of mushrooms & amp; caramel" and "Takeoko no Sato white & amp; cocoa" are both sold for a limited time. The price is 200 yen (excluding tax).

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