Designed for Ferrari "Pininfarina" special order luxury bicycle "Pininfarina Fuoriserie"

Italian car manufacturer "Ferrari"The luxury sports cars and luxury Gran Turismo that are manufactured are acclaimed from all over the world for functionality and design beauty, and it is also known that celebrities such as athletes and movie actors love it . An Italian company dealing with that Ferrari design "Pininfarina", The bicycle maker's"43 MilanoLuxury bicycle ordered to "Pininfarina FuoriserieWe will announce that only 30 sets will be released.

Pininfarina - 43 Milano

This is Pininfarina Fuoriserie.

Handles and ......

In the saddle part is a laser manufacturer of Florence "The Bridge"Weaving leather is given by.

CromoliPininfarina logo brilliantly shines in a luxurious frame with tube.

The headlights are equipped with 205 lumen LED lights.

Three red LEDs for the rear light.

The reason why Pininfarina Fuoriserie is awesome is not only classic design but also electric assist system that makes full use of the latest technology "Bike +It is possible to install. Bike + is a system that charges the battery while driving and is a system that assists driving with a motor when climbing a slope, compact enough to be mounted on the rear wheel.

Pininfarina Fuoriserie, which combines state-of-the-art technology and elegant design, has a basic model of 6000 euros (about 850,000 yen), the highest equipped with full equipment is 9000 euros (about 1.3 million yen).

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