The method of stealing a car equipped with a smart entry not requiring a key by reprogramming is continuing


Even without using a mechanical key, if you wear a dedicated remote control, you can lock and unlock the door and start the engine etc. The key is "Smart entryAlthough it is said that it is said to have high security by adopting electronic control, some of the theft organizations who conduct criminal acts systematically hack this mechanism to steal cars It became clear that people with emergence have appeared.

BBC News - Keyless cars 'increasingly targeted by thieves using computers'

In the U.K. and London, the damage of the range rover of the high-end SUV has been stolen over the past few months. Both are vehicles equipped with a smart entry system that can prevent theft, and because of the frequent occurrence of unexpected incidents in the usual case, the insurance company even refuses to pay the insurance payment due to the abnormality of the case It is developing.

About the case British car manufacturing and sales association (SMMT: Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders) acknowledges that theft groups have a way to evade smart entry systems using the equipment for the maintenance of cars. Similar damage has occurred in the United States, and it became clear that the damage had expanded since the beginning of 2014.

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Automakers are pushing for updates to their corresponding software and are taking steps to stop new damage. Range Rover lineup for frequent damageJaguar Land Rover"The act of stealing a vehicle by reprogramming a remote control device is a crisis that the entire automobile industry faces."

While the smart entry system has become widespread, it seems inevitable that a criminal group that exploits the mechanism appears to appear, and it is also known that devices that can be diverted to such actions are sold on the Internet . Manufacturers are working on improving the situation in collaboration with police and insurance companies, but situations where correspondence is not perfectly catching up. The insurance company will not refuse to accept the insurance itself as the ultimate means unless preparations are made for a garage dedicated to the user with a complete security system, as well as countermeasures such as circle locking with exact safety are also taken on the street It also leads to circumstances that can not be obtained.

Besides Range Rover in Europe, other models such as BMW and Audi are targeted, while family cases and commercial vehicles such as Ford Fiesta and Mercedes Benz Sprinter are being targeted.

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With the spread of smart entry system, theft of automobiles themselves became difficult, and the occurrence of stolen cases that reached about 320,000 cases for a while has decreased to about 80,000 in 2013. However, it is worth noting that the number of thieves groups corresponding to computer technology has increased, and the number of occurrences of this kind is increasing.

What is being exploited among them is something like a "master key" that is used in certain maintenance and the like. Originally it is legal and it is necessary equipment for the convenience of maintenance work etc. It is the case of the traditional mechanical key case that it is used for criminal acts because it leaks out It can be said that it is the same thing.

SMMT spokesperson said, "In the regulatory framework, it is necessary to develop a mechanism to prevent devices that are misused from being handed over to the criminal, and even if such a situation occurs, a heavy penalty It is necessary to take measures to become a deterrent force afterwards by submitting it. "

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