5.5-inch WQHD liquid crystal loaded, the latest technology of LTE all included smaho "isai VL" haste photo review

Au's next-generation call service that allows you to browse websites and send and receive e-mails while on the phone and can make and receive high quality sound "Au VoLTE", 4G LTE smartphone supporting" carrier aggregation "" WiMAX 2+ "Au presentation 2014 WinterThe "Isai VL"URBANO"is. Since I was able to touch isai VL following URBANO, I have done a photo review at once.

Two domestic first smartphones with the latest technology of LTE all appear! | 2014 | KDDI CORPORATION

This is isai VL.

The color is three colors of aqua, black, pink gold.

Aqua and pink gold are glossy surfaces, black is matte.

Taking it in your hand is like this. The size is 76 mm × 145 mm × 105 mm, weighs 154 g. We have a high-definition "WQHD display" which realized ultra-high resolution of about 1.8 times of full HD on a 5.5-inch large screen.

Earphone jack on the top.

Removing the cover next to the earphone jack, there was a microSD card slot.

Micro - USB port on the bottom.

There are no buttons etc on the left side, it is slippery.

Power button on the right side. By installing a large capacity battery, isai VL has about 1.5 times the standby time, and since 3 GB of large capacity RAM is used, the speed of data reading and writing is improving And that.

This is the back. The au logo is located on the upper left.

At the bottom of the main unit is a logo of LG Electronics and a speaker next to it.

The volume button was under the camera on the back. The camera is about 13.2 million pixel CMOS, an infrared sensor next to the volume button, and a microphone above the au logo.

This is the front. The fingerprints are conspicuous.

In the lower left part of the front is an in camera and a microphone.

There was an earpiece at the top.

One of the features of isai VL is a user interface "isai motion" which allows you to obtain interesting information such as au WALLET point-up stores, gourmet, events, etc. around the current location just by shaking the main body. You can check how you actually use isai motion from the following movie.

"Isai motion" of "isai VL" that can get information about the current location just by shaking the main body - YouTube

In addition, the release is scheduled for early December 2014.

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