Law for paying tax every 1 GB transfer is underway for realization

ByArmando Sotoca

In Hungary, where the consumption tax is 27% as well as the world's highest consumption tax, a draft of taxes imposed on the Internet data transfer is submitted to Congress, which will have a major impact on the domestic providers and Internet users In addition to giving it, the contents of other countries that are troubled by ensuring tax revenue can also follow.

Hungary plans new tax on Internet traffic, public calls for rally | Reuters

The new taxation provision submitted to Congress incorporates the provision that "provider companies charge Internet traffic data, tax of 150 forint (about 66 yen) per gigabyte". A Hungarian official said, "If we introduce new taxes we will be able to earn approximately 20 billion tons of income annually" (about 8.8 billion yen), which is one of the solutions to compensate for the economic loss I expect it.

ByNATS Press Office

However, in the consulting farmENETAccording to 2013, the Internet traffic of Hungary is about 1.15 billion gigabytes, and the traffic via mobile is 18 million gigabytes. When taxing on all traffic in 2013, about 175 billion tons 77.2 billion yen), which is much higher than the tax revenue forecast by the Hungarian government.

Following the draft submission to Congress, Hungarian Internet users immediately react and set up a group on Facebook to oppose the new tax. More than 100,000 users have already joined the group. What users are worried is that they are providers that can be taxed, but it is obvious that provider companies will raise their usage fee to cope with it, which in the end will only increase the burden on users Is not that the point.


In response to Internet users' opposition, a Hungarian official said, "The exact amount is unknown, but we will reduce the burden on users by setting an upper limit on the provider fee that users will pay by taxation "I am trying to calm the situation

Tax on the Internet, in the past also in the NetherlandsLegislating file sharing and taxing trafficOr taxing MP3 players instead of allowing private reproduction of CD etc. in the UK "IPod TaxThe music industry demanded the introduction of "various things," while on the other hand the world's biggest companiesWith his hands free from taxesFor example, in the case of Apple, the 35% tax rate is reduced to 2% by a technique called "Double Irish & Dutch Sandwich" that transfers revenue from a subsidiary of Ireland to the Caribbean countries of the tax free zone in the case of Apple, Tax avoidance of 3.1 billion dollars (about 332 billion yen) in the past three years, Amazon has paid no tax to the UK at all, so the tax payment amount is zero yen, Starbucks pays tax only once in the past 15 years , There are many realities like that, gradually becoming closer to ordinary people.

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