Microsoft expects to release smartwatch within a few weeks

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It is already on sale and reviewed by GIGAZINE "LG G Watch"Apple's smart smart watch scheduled to be released in early 2015"Apple Watch"Although it is a smart watch that is being announced one by one from each manufacturer, it has been revealed that it will be released from Microsoft within a few weeks as well.

Microsoft Plans To Launch A Wearable Device Within Weeks

According to information gained by Forbes, Microsoft's smart watch can measure the heart rate of the wearer and it is possible to collect various exercise data synchronously with other terminals. In addition, sources close to the project testify that smartwatch batteries have more than two days of normal use.

Forbes in MayReported on Microsoft's smart watch"In Microsoft's Smart Watch, the heart rate measurement function was made based on the optical engineering expertise cultivated in the Kinect division of Xbox, the battery has at least two days, and various Smartphones such as iPhone · Android · Windows Phone and Pairing becomes possible "and the smart watch with the exact same performance is released soon.

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The point that smart watch can pair with a terminal other than Windows Phone and use it,Microsoft began offering Office services for iPadIt is a part that overlaps with the recent Microsoft cross platform strategy of doing. Furthermore, considering the current state of Windows Phone that can take only 2.5% of the market in the smartphone market, it is said that Microsoft will set stupid restrictions such as "Windows Phone can only be used in pairing with a smart watch made by Microsoft" Forbes said, I do not think.

Apple WatchAnd LG G Watch, Galaxy Gear, Moto 360 and so on are all about emptying the battery with about 1 day use, so if this story is true, Microsoft's smart watch will have twice the uptime It will be realized. A lot of wearable devices are released from other than Apple and Google, but for exampleJawboneAlthough it has a good battery possession, it is said that it does not have a full color display, and it does not disappoint as Apple watch and Android Wear as a smart watch, yet that battery holding is remarkably better than other smart watches It seems to be a point of Microsoft's smart watch.

Microsoft's smart watchHoliday seasonIt is considered to be released according to.

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