8 titles including free paid game "Super Hexagon" can be played from the browser

"Humble Mozilla BundleOn top of that, there is no need for plug-ins, installers, etc. for famous indie games paid, so you can play for free from the browser.

Humble Mozilla Bundle: Powered by asm.js (pay what you want and help charity)

There are 8 titles below that you can play for free.

A game that avoids walls by manipulating triangles "Super Hexagon"

Super Hexagon Trailer - YouTube

Free fall game "AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA !!! for the Awesome"

AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA !!! for the Awesome! - YouTube

An action game that will enlarge objects like bubbles that you maneuver while drifting the universe "Osmos"

Osmos Trailer on Vimeo

Game that binds various objects with rope "Zen Bound 2"

Zen Bound 2 Multi-Platform Announcement - YouTube

Cleaning series action game "Dustforce DX"

What is Dustforce? - YouTube

Action game that defeats enemies by manipulating small voxel display characters "Voxatron"

Voxatron 0.2.10 Trailer - YouTube

A game that you can experience the operation of a galactic spacecraft "FTL"

FTL: Advanced Edition on Vimeo

Democracy simulation game "Democracy 3"

Democracy 3 Trailer - YouTube

The way to play is simple, click on the game you want to play ... ...

Click the play icon to start the game.

You can check how you actually played the game from the browser from the following movie.

I tried playing Voxatron with "Humble Mozilla Bundle" - YouTube

It takes a while to load the game, but the behavior itself during playing is very smooth and it forgets that it is operating on the browser.

However, since it is operated with the keyboard of the PC, it can not deny the low operability.

These games can be played on Firefox version 22 or later or Chrome version 28 or later. JavaScript needs to work to play games on the browser, so if you can run JavaScript on browsers other than Firefox and Chrome you can play games and if the game does not start, you can use JavaScript It is recommended that you check if you have disabled the behavior of. Please note that only sites that you trust such as running JavaScript, Java applets, launching plugins, etc. are permittedNoScript"Add-ons like that may prevent the game from working properly.

Indie's games you can play on "Humble Mozilla Bundle" are JavaScript subsets that optimize JavaScript programs to run at about twice the native code speedAsm.jsBy using, you can also play from the browser.

All games can be played for free from the browser, and if you pay a further dollar (about 110 yen), DRM of "Super Hexagon" "AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAa !!! for the Awesome" "Osmos" "Zen Bound 2" "Dustforce DX" Version and Stream version will be available for download. Furthermore, if you pay about 5 dollars (about 540 yen), DRM version and Stream version of "Voxatron" and "FTL", DRM version and Stream version of "Democracy 3" with payment of 8 dollars (about 860 yen) It will be able to do. These games will be offered for a limited period until October 28th, and if you buy all the games offered at "Humble Mozilla Bundle" separately, it will cost about $ 104 (11,000 yen) It will be necessary to pay the cost.

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