"American Sniper" trailer which made the movie of the strongest sniper of the US War History feared as "the devil of Ramadi"

US Navy Special ForceNavy SEALsAs a sniper, he served in the Iraq war, killed more than 150 people in the decade from 1999 to 2009 and put the name as the strongest sniper in the history of American warMr. Chris Kyle, "Clint Eastwood made a movie"American Sniper"Trailer is released.

American Sniper - Trailer - Official UK Warner Bros. - YouTube

A soldier holding a sniper rifle.

Navy SEALs The strongest sniper, who plays Chris KyleBradley CooperMr.

The stage of the movie is Iraq in the middle of the war.

American soldiers are investigating the inside of the building.

A man who looks at the figure of the soldiers while talking on the mobile phone that appeared there.

Kiyoshi is tough to grasp the sniper rifle, "It is ordered to shoot it immediately as soon as confirmed suspicious movements"

However, the man has gone somewhere.

The next figure showed the appearance of a woman and a boy.

Kyle, who reports to the headquarters, "Confirming the women and children watching the soldiers' appearance. Women seem to have something."

Memories of a happy wedding party.

Women and children are staring at the state of soldiers.

Kyle who shows the conflict's expression.

My beloved wife and child.

The woman gently hands the bomb to the boy.

"A bomb, a woman handed out a bomb to a boy"

Headquarters orders shot kids.

Memories with my family's family.

Many fellows who died in the battle.

And the boy runs towards the soldiers holding a bomb.

If I do not shoot quickly my friends ....

But the target is still a young boy.

Fun memories with my daughter.

Can you shoot the boy?

After returning home from the war in Iraq, Chris Kyle was trying to help veterans suffering from PTSD with their acquaintance, but was shot dead in 2013 and stopped short lives. Book written by Kyle 's life "Navy Shields Strongest Sniper"Became the best seller and can be purchased in Japan,AmazonA number of excellent reviews have been posted to.

As the author says, qualities as sniper seems to be probably due to mental rather than skill. Whether the opponent is a woman or a child, the judgment criteria he needs are not cloudy in that belief only whether it is an enemy for the army. In a sense, I am excited by the mentality of revitalization. At the same time as being a patriot, the upper classes who do not know the actual situation of the front line are incompetent, cowardly stuck, and bonds with colleagues are firm. He might be a good Texas older brother, although he was a cheap one. Although it seems to be a celestial, he is honestly talking about conflicts with his family and those who are feeling less than fighting only battle. Although I do not know about being translated, although it is the impression of reading the original book, the main subject is "American Sniper", we are in Japan who only touches information on commercial prioritization, but what is America I recommend you to read it for those who want to know it in a certain meaning. At a later date, the dramatic conclusion that the author would be killed by the former compatriots who were trying to squeeze their hands in their own country also seems to imply the very basis of the problem that the modern America has. It was a separate book.

A book of high scarcity value to be called compulsory for sniper fans. Chris Kyle who wrote a record higher than the famous sniper Haskock wrote is worth more than the memoirs written by Marshal von Manstein. Because the principal directly talks about his own sniper because it is why. The experience of the sniper's sniper that is only written to him is written in this book.

This person's justice, Islamic justice, Japan's justice, Chinese-Korean justice ....
Although I was made to think about various things, the first thing I felt was "Is there a human being who can continue with my own justice" in Japan now?
I felt the difference with the writer who penetrates my righteousness as "death of the opponent" as much as this while battling with Japan which air does not permit even if raising the Hinomaru.
I do not mean to say who is right or wrong, but I felt the difference.

I bought it expecting that it could be enjoyed as a little more military, but it was not so much.

Personally I hope that war is against and that we want a peaceful world without conflict.
However, as a matter of fact, armed conflicts are frequent everywhere in the world,
In fact it is true that we must fight to protect our homeland in order to preserve "people living normally".

Shields is not only an image of elite troops but also impression that it is rough or love war,
On the other hand you can understand how much they care about fighting on the front line.
First of all I understand even a little about it, I want to read it again

The movie "American Sniper" is scheduled to be released in the United States from December 25, 2014, and the scheduled release date in Japan is undecided.

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