Trailer footage of "SICARIO: Day of the Soldado", a spin-off work of the film "Borderline" drawn realistically on Mexican drug warfare released

A movie drawn realistically about the drug war that takes place at the border between America and Mexico "Borderline(Original title: SICARIO) spin-off work "SICARIO: Day of the SoldadoThe trailer video of 'The trailer' has been released. This work seems to be a story that Alejandro and Matt Gravar who appeared in the previous work are active in the center.

SICARIO, Day of the Soldado - Official Trailer (HD) - YouTube

"I know you, a girl who talks about Alejandro's identity, he is a prosecutor who killed his family."

Alejandro answers "I am different" while being embarrassed.

"I killed my father too," he said, saying that Alejandro kills his father for revenge and also intends to kill himself.

Alejandro shoots her father escaping before meeting a girl ... ...

I took a mask and shot him immediately after showing his face. Maybe the girl was witnessing Alejandro this time.

One evening, a helicopter chasing a dubious man who was near the border between America and Mexico.

This man who gives up if it can not escape is pretending to raise his hand ... ...

I detonate with a bomb that I hid. Apparently the man seemed to be a terrorist.

Mat called to the US military base.

"There is evidence that drug cartels are supporting terrorists and the President added the cartel to the list of terrorist organizations." It goes without saying how they expand their fighting power, "he told them to crush the drug cartel I will.

Matt calls Alejandro who contributed to the operation of killing Sonora Cartel's No. 3 at the "Borderline" of the previous work "I will start a war with the cartel, will you help me?" And ask for cooperation to the strategy .

When Alejandro asks "Is it the military's hope?" ...

Matt to reply "All of us".

Alejandro and a girl who rides a car by wearing bulletproof vests. The girl looks nervous.

Then a group of drug cartels raids Alejandro's line of vehicles.

A girl who runs under the car and starts to cry out fearfully.

And the battle between the cartel and the strategy members led by Alejandro and Matt began.

After battle, Alejandro and the girl who went away from the operational members for some reason will wander in the wilderness.

After a while, it is said that it is an order from a military executive, or "Please turn off the girl" by telephone from Matt.

"It can not be done," Alejandro replies. Although it is Alejandro who did not forgive the gun for women and children even if it is a revenge in the previous work, there seems to be some reason why the girl can not be killed.

"You have no reason to trust me, but if you believe, you can survive," Alejandro speaks to the girl.

And a girl caught in a drug cartel. Will the girl be saved safely after this?

"Sicario: Day of the Soldado" will be released on June 29, 2018 in the United States. Publishing in Japan is undecided at the time of article creation. Furthermore, the main character of "Borderline" Kate · Maiser will not appear.

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