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It was an elephant rampant in the city. It seems like I'm frustrated to say "Angry elephant". It seems I can not suppress irritation, destroying the signboards that were listed in the store with a long nose. An employee at the cheap hotel who was watching TV together was a word "scary". No, it is such a problem ... .... It is one elephant use to solve this chaotic situation. Soothed the elephant rampant, it disappeared somewhere together. It was an image of a program like "Police 24 Hours" in Japan.

Hello, I have stayed in Thailand for about 3 months in totalTakuya Sudo @ circle around the world bicycle @ Charridermanis. I visited Thailand this year for the first time in six and a half years, but I felt the elephant as close as I did last time.

◆ 2008
The first Thailand entered in the form of going north from Malaysia. While struggling with the Thai language where wavy letters lined up, I was able to run about 3000 km with the kindness of the Thai people helped. From that moment, I could not help it because I was concerned about the appearance of elephant in the city. In Thailand elephant has been sacred from long ago, and it was as long as it was drawn in the national flag.

The golden elephant.

I raise my nose to the sky as human beings banzai.

On the altar, various small and large elephants were lined up like children's toys.

A tower that seemed to be watching the city.

It is also said to be the God of HinduismGaneshaEven Thailand is subject to faith.

Buddha who got on elephant.

A wooden elephant placed in the lobby of the hotel has a presence.

It also serves as a fountain and draws water from a long nose.

The elephant which was placed in front of the store to invite "just a bit of ~".

Also in the design of the cup that appeared on the stallion.

It is also used as a key to the cheap hotel.

On the contrary, it was also the handle of an elephant up to the sheets of the bed.

Even Coca-Cola in the world will not let you elephant.

Northern Thailand, which is also registered as a World Heritage SiteSukhothai ruinsThere was also an elephant 's sculpture in it.

Close to the capital city of BangkokAyutthayaIt is also a sightseeing spot with an archaeological site registered as a World Heritage Site. Here, the elephant is walking around the city with tourists on board.

After Thailand, after traveling to Southeast Asia and running to Hong Kong, she returned to Japan temporarily. At that time I confirmed the package I sent from Thailand, but the straw was also using the illustration of the elephant.

◆ 2014
This year I arrived in Bangkok, Thailand, from Ireland 's Dublin via Abu Dhabi in United Arab Emirates. I picked up a week's trip to Myanmar between us, but I think that about a month was still relaxing in Bangkok. I saw the appearance of the elephant everywhere this time.

An elephant with a close friend and parents, placed in the median strip.

The biggest downtown area in the capital city of BangkokSiam SquareYou can also find three rounded elephants in the square in front of the huge shopping mall called Central World Plaza located in

The garden is also an elephant.

Besides that, celebratory flowers were also arranged by the elephant.

Naturally also in the picture frame adorned with the hostel with dormitory.

Also casually to the color cones found when walking along the roadside.

Elephants also appeared on the wall surrounding the construction site. The paintings drawn by the children are made to feel cheerful as inheritance gets conveyed.

It was also a design of T - shirts made for tourists.

If you are a lady, how about a necklace?

For children, it is also a pretty thing.

It is a Seven Eleven that holds overwhelming share in Thai convenience stores, but here also the illustration of Elephant was.

Also in Isetan, a department store located in Siam Square, the elephant's design is used as a point card.

Mos Burger is also advancing to Thailand, but also an elephant on the coaster putting drinks.

For American-style Citibank, since the usual logo is also blue, the shape of the elephant does not feel uncomfortable either.

In Thailand, it is also a design of beer called "beer · churn" that you can get anywhere. Chaan is the meaning of an elephant in Thai language.

Elephant's illustration was also heavily used for instant adhesives. It might be a symbol of strength.

Not only this, there was a toy for children who elephants chase above the rails, elephants were drawn also in a pack of poultice which unravels muscle corals.

◆ Best 5
It is Thailand's daily life filled with elephants like this, but I tried ranking five which were particularly impressive among them.

· 5th place: Manga
Elephant's mark also in a book of one Thai version of 50 Baht (about 165 yen). There was also a mark similar to a shamisen jumped famous pirate, but apart from that, there was also this mark.

· 4th place: humidifier
A lovely dish that steams from the nose and makes you want to souvenir.

· 3rd place: medicine
Is it such as elephant 's power to cure eczema?

· Second place: Fictitious Newspaper
It is well known in Japan as a lie news siteFictitious newspaperHowever, it is issued in ThailandFree paper DACOI also have a series, "Despite Thailand's alternative nuclear energy exploration continuesIn the article called "Elephant" was becoming a story.

· First place: Elephant Building
A huge building rising in the vicinity of the capital city of Bangkok has the shape of an elephant.

Buildings that have had such an interesting shape can hardly be found in the world.

In this way, the elephant was melting into the lives of Thai people. It is loved.

(Sentence / photo: Takuya S. Narou Charriderman
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