Omron's "Rally Continue Table Tennis Robot" which measures easy-to-strike balls in 1/1000 second units looks like this

Omron, who produces products based on proprietary technology sensing & control, has been holding "October 7, 2014"CEATEC JAPAN 2014"We are exhibiting the booth. Among them, a demonstration of "Rally Continuous Table Tennis Robot" which measures human behavior at the level of 1 / 1,000 seconds unit and hits a ball that is easy for people to hit back was done.

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You can see how Omron's "Table Tennis Robot" is automatically hitting people's beating ping-pong balls from the following movies.

Omron's "Rally Continues Table Tennis Robot" Repelling Ping Pong Ball - YouTube

Arrived at the Omron booth.

When I went to the area where a crowd was made, I was recruiting a challenger who fought against a rally continuing table tennis robot which automatically hits a ping-pong ball.

A monitor that looks like a face is attached to the robot.

A red racket in the center of the framework.

Rally Continue Table Tennis Robot adopts Omron's unique core technology "sensing & control", it instantaneously calculates the position measurement of people and rackets, the three-dimensional position and velocity measurement of the hit ball, the orbit prediction of the ball, The control of controlling and returning to the trajectory of a ball which is easy to hit is carried out finely in 1/1000 second increments.

Like this, I began rallying with Omron's demo staff across the table tennis table. Rally 's compensation is smoothly continuing, and it is a movement that can not be thought of as a very robot.

That is why competitors are chosen from among the crowds by rapping hands and competing for how many times you can hit the rally at best.

If the table tennis robot is not a very bad ball, I just hit the position to hit just by putting out a little racket. Even if the human trajectory is too bad, it is the first time I will pretend to strike back.

Omron's "sensing & control technology"Harmony between people and machines"A machine that thinks of humans" is realized by this table tennis robot. These techniquesA machine that watches the safety of social infrastructureFromHousehold goods partsIt is said that it will be utilized up to.

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