What is "LTE Direct" that can realize a smartphone connected without an antenna base station?

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Since mobile phones are capable of calling and communicating by receiving radio waves from base stations, they can not be used as "out of service" in places without base stations. However, smartphones that can communicate without the need for base stations are expected to be developed in the future.

Upgrade to LTE Will Let Phones Talk without Cell Towers, Allowing New Forms of Social Apps and Advertising | MIT Technology Review

Qualcomm(Qualcomm) was held in February 2014MWC 2014so,P2PLTE derived technology that can communicate using the mechanism of "LTE Direct"Was exhibited. This is a mechanism that users of communication terminals can transmit data to remote areas by delivering data like a bucket brigade.

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LTE Direct is a technique of Qualcomm enthusiasm, which has been in practical use as soon as it has been developed for about seven years, already in the United States like Facebook and Yahoo! Communication experiment is being carried out by concluding a partnership with.

Passing data by bucket brigade relay method LTE Direct can not only cooperate with each other but also can be used for target advertisement that sends information to a specific terminal. Apple'sIBeaconAs it can be used as an advertisement by sending the perfect information for that user to a specific user like Facebook, Yahoo! That's why we are dedicated to developing applications that support LTE Direct.


Since iBeacon uses Bluetooth, it can only communicate with a terminal that turned on the Bluetooth function and can only communicate at a relatively short distance, whereas LTE Direct is an LTE compatible terminal with no special additional module It has an advantage that it can adapt with, and it can communicate in a wide range of up to 500 meters.

Since the LTE Direct technology capable of communicating with terminals in the range of up to 500 meters has the merit that information can be delivered even in emergencies when a base station can not be used such as in a disaster due to the property that it can communicate without going through a base station, The use as an administrative service is also considered.


Then, according to the rapid spread of information terminals such as smartphones, LTE Direct, which can be utilized as a "detour" for improving the saturated band situation, ultimately enables terminals to communicate with each other directly even in places where there are no base stations It is expected to be able to talk by connecting, and to realize mobile communication by cooperating in mesh form.

The LTE Direct technology will be put into practical use in the second half of 2015.

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