GoPro announces new models, super cheap models & models with LCD & 3 types of orthodox evolution high end models

The pronoun of the action camera "GoPro"Announced three new models at once. High-end model that evolved the 4K movie shooting function "HERO 4 BlackNot only the middle range model with liquid crystal "HERO 4 Silver"Super-discount entry model of 10,000 yen"GoPro HERO"Appeared, GoPro has completed the full lineup from the top to the bottom.

GoPro Introduces HERO 4: The Most Powerful GoPro Lineup, Ever | GoPro News

HERO 4 Black
First of all, from "HERO 4 Black" of the high-end model. The most noteworthy is performance evolution of 4K (3840 × 2160) movies. HERO 4 Black has doubled the frame rate of 4K movies, which was 15 fps in the conventional HERO 3+ Black Edition, to 30 fps. As well as 4K, 2.7 K (2716 × 1524) can also be up to 50 fps, full HD (1920 × 1080) can also be taken at 120 fps twice the previous model. Also, the battery capacity is up to 1160 mAh and there is no end to dealing with 4K movie shooting requiring machine power.

It also supports Bluetooth as well as Wi-Fi. The size is the same 59 mm × 40.5 mm × 30 mm thick as the previous model HERO 3, so GoPro HERO 3 users can use conventional accessories such as housings. HERO 4 Black is scheduled to be released in October at 59,000 yen (excluding tax).

HERO 4 Silver
Next, a middle range model "HERO 4 Silver". It is compatible with 4K movie shooting at 15 fps while saying the middle range model.

HERO 4 Silver The biggest feature is that a touch panel liquid crystal display was mounted on the back of GoPro main body. Conventional GoPro does not have a display, it is necessary to collaborate with mobile terminals and to purchase separatelyLCD Touch BacPacIt is necessary to install, LCD Touch BacPac has problems such as thickness and weight up, problems such as delays in video and coverage of 4K movies can not be monitored with easy-to-use mobile terminals. It is HERO 4 Silver that is equipped with a display to solve such problems in a stroke. HERO 4 Silver is scheduled to be released in October at 47,000 yen (tax excluded).

In addition, the overwhelming powerful images of 4K movies taken with GoPro HERO 4 can be confirmed in the following movie. To play at 4K quality You can choose "2160p" for "Quality" in "Settings" on YouTube.

GoPro HERO 4: The Adventure of Life in 4K - YouTube

And, among the new models announced, the entry model appeared at the price of 19,500 yen (excluding tax) at the price of "HEROThere is a need for attention. HERO is a housing integrated type and realizes waterproofing of 40 meters. Although HERO is an entry model, it can shoot 1080p (30 fps) full HD movie or 60 fps 720p movie, it is necessary and sufficient for everyday use, it seems to be perfect for those who say "I would like to try GoPro easily!" is.

GoPro who announced the full lineup of HERO of 10,000 yen range, HERO 4 Silver with liquid crystal display, and HERO 4 Black compatible with 30 fps 4 K seems to make the position as the top runner leading the action camera genre.

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