Excellent satisfaction with rich Wagyu Bee Patties "Tachigi Wagyu Beef Hamburger Steak Burger (Tocho Tome Sauce)" Tasting Review

In June 2014 LotteriaHokkaido Japanese Wagyu, In JulyYamagata Wagyu, And Sendai Wagyu in August, we are releasing hamburgers using brand beef from all over the country on the 29th of every month. From September 29 (Monday)Tochigi WagyuThe heavy patty of Tochigi prefecture took the source using the virgin "Tochigi Wagyu Beef Hamburger Steak Burger (Tocho Tome Sauce)As we released the strawberry sauce, I went to eat actually what kind of taste it is with Japanese Wagyu Burger.

~ From Lotteria, Burger using Brand Wagyu on February 29 appeared ~ Tachiki Wagyu Beef Hamburger Steak Burger (Tocho Tome Sauce) released from Monday, September 29, 2014!

Arrived at Lotteria.

From the 29th of every month "Brand beef in the whole country can be tasted in Lotteria!", From September 29 (Monday) to tochigi Wagyu beef burger. The interior repos, etc. are still under preparation, but if you do not find it anywhere, I will make it if you ask the clerk.

That's why I ordered Tagaki Wagyu Beef Hamburger Steak Burger (Tocho Tome Sauce). The price is only 1300 yen tax included sales, you can choose salad or French fries potato M or drink M. I tried it orange juice this time. Tochigi Wagyu Beef Hamburg Steak Burger Only for purchasers, Tachigi Wagyu comes with an entry form for 29 people in lottery.

For some reason, I got a questionnaire sheet to receive French fries potato M when answering.

Tochigi Wagyu Beef Hamburger Steak Burger is contained in a large box and its size is slightly smaller than iPhone 4.

When opening the box, a hamburger packaged from inside came out.

When taking it out, a heavy heavy big patty, plenty of "tocho-tome sauce", plus a red wine style seasoning, bouillon, apple etc. are thoroughly cooked "rich demiglace sauce" covered.

Gabri and a mouth. Patty's meat quality is high enough to be considered fast food, and it feels like it is suitable for the price. The rough ground minced about 6 mm taste the texture of the meat moderately, you can taste the umami and deliciousness of fine meat marbling meat firmly. Two kinds of sauce do not insist too much, so it is a hamburger that you can eat mainly the taste of Wagyu beef.

Tocho-tome sauce isBechamel sauceNext, the virgin jam and the sauce finished in good fragrance with cod roe liqueur, the impression that it is a smooth cream sauce that feels a little saltiness. Although it smells a little sweet from the sauce, it is not a sauce that sweetness is appearing all over, but it well complements the umami of Patty.

There are plenty of sources to the back of the hamburger so you should not have run out of sauces.

A rich tasting hamburger has satisfactory feeling, but it is frustrating to eat the last mouth.

If you drink orange juice after a meal you can refresh your mouth refreshed, but it may be better for tea etc. to soak in the aftersaligo after meals. There are also hands to set a salad and ask for water.

Tochigi Wagyu Beef Hamburg Steak Burger (Tocho Tome Sauce) is on sale from September 29 (Monday) throughout the country Lotteria. As for quantity limitation, please visit early if you are interested. Hiba Japanese beef burger will be offered in October.

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