"Rattraders" to raise rats to be superior traders than humans

ByAlexey Krasavin

To produce superior traders who are active in financial markets, training of rats using special equipment using music is "Rattraders"is.



This is the device used by rattraders. The side is a transparent cage, and when you push the button, the red or green LED light turns on. Equipment is equipped with air conditioning and music system.

It seems that rats are actually trading. Based on historical data, rats who anticipated that the price of the securities "goes down" will push the button of the person lit with the red LED.

On the other hand, rats who expected the price of the securities to "rise", press the green button.

Rat training was done over a year. This is the laboratory which bred the rat.

Rattraders is a system that allows rats to predict the movement of securities using music. Since rats can distinguish patterns of sounds unrecognizable to humans, we first gather huge amounts of past data in the markets around the world, convert the upward and downwards of securities prices to sounds and let the rats hear it. This music is called a tricker sound.

The following is the cage into which the rat under training. Rats are listened to the tricker sounds, and let us anticipate the next pattern to follow from the last flowing music. If the prediction is correct, food is given, and if we make a mistake, weak current will flow, so we will get fat from rats with high accuracy rate. After training for several weeks, we selected rats with the highest rate of correctness and train again. In the end, only the rats with a very high rate of correct answers remain.

The appearance of rats with high rate of correct answers chosen by training is like this. By leaving descendants of two rats, even better traders are born.

On the website, "The correct rate of trained rats is higher than many people," and the media is also paying attention to that innovative system. You can see the interview from Mr. Michael Marcovici, CEO of rattraders.com, from the following movie.

AFC rattrading part 1 - YouTube

AFC rattrading part 2 - YouTube

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