What are the five influences that Twitter and Facebook are giving to the brain

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People equivalent to one-third of the world's total population are using social media · SNS such as Twitter and Facebook.Hardware to overcome Facebook addiction with electric shockAnd SNS has various influences on people's lives, but it has been confirmed that "Five influences that social media and SNS actually give to the brain"Is explained in a movie with an illustration.

5 Crazy Ways Social Media Is Changing Your Brain Right Now - YouTube

◆ 1: I can not log off
5-10% of Internet users can not control their own time spent online. This is called "psychological poisoning" located on the diagonal line of substance poisoning such as caffeine.

Scanning the brains of people who are in psychological poisoning found brain damage similar to drug addiction patients.

Specifically, the brain's involvement in emotional processing, such as attention and decision makingWhite matterDegradation has been confirmed. Because this is a mechanism in which SNS is immediately given rewards with little effort,Pavlov's dogAs you conditioned himself like, just like dragging, I will go to action (see SNS) seeking rewards many times in search of neurological excitement.

◆ 2: Device · Multitasking
Multitasking using several types of devices synchronously looks beneficial for people using various SNSs and those who frequently switch websites at work. However, according to a study, when a multitask user received a task switching test, it was found that there were many unnecessary switching and it was inefficient.

This is believed to be due to multitasking filtering the brain's ability, making it difficult to memorize new information.

◆ 3:Illusional vibration syndrome
Have you ever felt that the telephone that did not ring sounded like vibrating? This is a new psychological phenomenon called fantasy oscillation syndrome. In one study, people who are in illusion vibration syndrome feel the vision of phantom at a rate of once every two weeks.

It is evidence that the development of technology is acting on the nervous system and the brain has begun to have a perception of "vibration of telephone". This is the reaction of the brain that could not have happened in history.

◆ 4: release of dopamine
DopamineIt is a neurotransmitter that has an action such as getting better when released. As a result of the MRI scan, when SNS users are viewing their own page rather than others' s SNS pages, the part where the brain feels joy becomes active, and more dopamine is released.

"It is fun to see your page" may not be so surprising. In face-to-face communication, the proportion of talking about yourself is only 30 to 40%, but there is data that the ratio on SNS reaches 80%. This is a kind of brainorgasmIt is the same state that you are experiencing, and the more followers, the more this effect will increase. By talking on SNS, we are rewarding ourselves.

◆ 5: Meet online
The impact of SNS on the brain is not only for myself. In studies on human relationships, it has been found that when the place the boyfriend first encountered is "the Internet", it tends to hold more intimate feelings to each other than when the first encounter was face to face.

Furthermore, if the encounter from anonymity and the future purpose of each other are clear, the probability of getting married from on-line encounters is increasing.

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