Can the fastest racehorse be identified with DNA or genetic test in the horse racing world?

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I can find out which gene is suitable for either instantaneous power system or endurance system sportsACTN 3 inspectionAlthough there is something, using genetic testing is not only for human beings, it is also used in racehorse world. There is a speed gene in a horse, and it is possible to estimate the tendency of distance suitability by inspecting. So, what kind of circumstances did it take for genetic testing to be incorporated into horse racing?NautilusWe are disclosing details.

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The history of racehorse genetic testing began in Ireland. Emelain Hill, a family born in a horse race elite family called Irish's first female jockey, who ran a racehorse production ranch in Ireland majored in genetics at a vocational school that passed at the age of 19, I studied various departments including population genetics and sleeping diseases that occurred in African cattle.

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It was 2004 that a turning point came from such Hill. Mr. Hill, who was 28 years old at the time, received a scholarship from the Irish Scientific Association to study racehorse genes. Hill received the scholarship and collected DNA samples from Thoroughbred and started analyzing. Like a human, a horse contains DNA in every cell in the body. Horses' DNA consists of more than 20,000 genes, and that combination determines the height and coat color of the horse.

Hill took notice of the genes of DNA inMyostatin geneis. Myostatin geneMyogenic progenitor cellsIn 1997, the research team of Johns Hopkins University conducted experiments using mice and discovered that the less myostatin gene, the more muscular power. From the experiments at Johns Hopkins University, Hill believes that the important thing for the running speed of the racehorse is the myostatin gene.

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Hill analyzed the DNA of 148 Thoroughbreds and examined the DNA of horse-experienced horse from among them, and as a result, three types of "C / C type", "C / T type", "T / T type" I have found myostatin gene. The C / C type has a large amount of muscle and is excellent in instantaneous power, in the direction of short distance of 1,000 to 1,600 m, C / T type is less than muscle mass C / C type, the proportion of slow muscle related to endurance is large 1400 ~ 2400 m in the middle distance direction, the T / T type has the characteristic that the slow muscle is longer than the C / T type and has a long distance orientation of 2,000 m or more.

Mr. Hill announced a paper that summarized the study on the horse's myostatin gene and the proper distance of race in 2010, but at that time nobody did. However, the genetics research team at the University of Minnesota has conducted research on horse myostatin genes, revealing that the myostatin gene affects the horse's athletic ability, and Hill co-operated with the trainer Jim BorgerEquinomWe will start establishing a company called Genetic Test.

Actually, Mr. Borger trainedTrading leatherAs a result of the genetic test that the middle distance range is suitable for genetic testing, Silver S of turf 10 Halon (about 2000 m) and Shura 12 Halon (about 2400 m) make Irish 3-year-old strongest horse determination gameIrish derbyI ran over. In addition, equinom will be held in Japan in 2013License agreement with Rika Horse Rika Public Interest FoundationAs a result, we are doing genetic testing at a fee in Japan as well.

However, John Frey, a teacher who runs a famous racehorse production ranch in Australia, said, "Even if there is no genetic test, if you actually look at a horse or investigate your bloodline, it will be suitable for racehorses It is also true that there are related parties who do not feel comfortable with genetic testing. While there is a trainer of opinion saying "I do not know until actually running", I do not yet know whether genetic testing will become mainstream in the horse racing world, but it is one of the indicators backed up by science There is no mistake.

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