An unknown story to the invention revealed by LED father

ByRobert Howie

LED(Light emitting diode) was invented in 1962Semiconductor deviceIt has features such as low power consumption, long life, small size, and is used for various types of electronic equipment. It is the inventor of LED which became indispensable to lifeNick HoloniacIn an interview, Mr. reveals an unknown story up to development.

Nick Holonyak, Inventor of the LED - YouTube

Mr. Holoniac is the world's largest complex company from 1957 to 1963General ElectricHe led a small research team as a science consultant at the research institute.

Mr. Holoniac said that he had a strong feeling of "inventing devices that we could not exist until we succeeded in developing it."

The research team will start developing the semiconductor device which was not yet invented at that time. Another research team at the institute is developing infrared semiconductor lasers and Mr. Holoniac said "We are developing not only invisible infrared semiconductor lasers but also visible semiconductor lasers" He said that.

And the research team headed by Mr. Holoniac developed a small red LED in 1962. The first time in the world I succeeded in visualizing the light of the LED, and when I flowed the current to the LED for the first time, the members of the research team were "excitedly seeing the light! It was rare.

A semiconductor device emitting light when a current is passed is stored in a small box written as "THE MAGIC ONE GaAsP". GaAsP is one of LED materialsGallium arsenide phosphorusIt is.

Mr. Holoniac seems to have felt that he had foreshadened that "All the light bulbs will switch to LEDs" according to the invention of LED. Then his students developed green and yellow LEDs, and as Holoniac thought, LEDs are now being used throughout the world.

Horoniak, the father of the LED, was raised by his father's family worker. Although I was a parent who had never been educated, I believe in the importance of school education and let Mr. Holoniac receive formal education which is my first family member.

"My father handed out a pocket knife to me and said," If you have something you want, you can make it yourself. "I think that it was when I was 5-6 years old, and that's what I needed I began making it myself, "said Holoniac, who talks about his father's episode.

In 2013, General Electric released the 27 W LED bulb replacing the 100 W incandescent lamp in the world for the first time in the world.

Mr. Holloniac held a 27-watt LED bulb in his hand "I thought that the 27 W LED bulb would not be in a tangible shape, but in reality it was finished in an elegant design, and also the low price It is a remarkable point, "he said with a smile.

From Mr. Holoniak 's interview, Hisashi Hisashi' s hot feeling on the LED light bulb came to be heard. There is something that can be made to think something if you learn about the beliefs of developers put in LEDs that are now used without any fault.

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