IPhone 6/6 Plus · Apple Watch real machine movie & photo review Summary

Apple's new smartphone released today in the "IPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus"And Smart Watch"Apple WatchMovie and photographs of demonstration machines are being uploaded one after the other. It is not easy to understand the goodness / badness of the hardware alone with photos. The first impression by touching the actual machine is as follows.

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IPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus
This is a 4.7 inch display iPhone 6.

The thinness is 6.9 mm, it is thinner than the 7.6 mm iPhone 5 s.

Round edge design is characteristic.

The side button has also been changed from a round shape to a long thin type.

It became 8.4 mm wider by the width, but the fitting feeling has not deteriorated so much thanks to the rounded edge.

The back of the gold color. You can check the white D line and the camera flash.

However, the edges of the lens are jumping out and it is not flat like the conventional iPhone.

A movie to compare iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is here.

IPhone 6 and 6 Plus hands-on - YouTube

The iPhone 6 on the left is 4.7 inches and the right is 5.5 inches iPhone 6 Plus. Although it feels pretty heavy compared to iPhone 5s, about the size it is not worrisome at the present time when a huge Android terminal is popular.

IPhone 6 is 6.9 mm and iPhone 6 Plus is 7.1 mm. Both are thinner than iPhone 5s.

From left: iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus. The difference in size is obvious at a glance.

Compared to the back of iPhone 6 (left) and iPhone 5s (right), it looks like this.

The iPhone 6 is rounded against iPhone 5s with a flat side too.

"Double tap" is a new function installed in iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus. By tapping the touch ID part twice instead of pushing ......

The screen is pulled down. It is a consideration to make it easy for one hand to operate even iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus, whose display size has become larger.

IPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus is the home screen ......

Horizontally, the home screen is displayed horizontally like an iPad. This is a change that did not exist until iPhone 5s.

The large screen iPhone 6 Plus also has a feature that can display 2 pane in landscape orientation. It can be used like the iPad.

Comparing the display of the same message application, you can see that the thumbnail image of the other party is displayed more than the iPhone 6 (left) than iPhone 6 Plus (right), and the amount of information is large.

The difference in information amount seems to expand further if it is landscape screen. IPhone 6 emphasizes the comfort of one handed operation, iPhone 6 Plus is suitable for those seeking more information volume.

Apple Watch
Apple Watch demonstration machine.

According to The Verge, "As a smart watch it is as beautiful as comparable to Moto 360. But I can not give a rating of" highest "."

Apple Watch has three types of stainless steel standard model "Watch", silver / space gray aluminum type "Watch Sport", 18 gold plated "Watch Edition".

This is Watch Edition

Electromagnetic induction type charging is possible with the magnetic type back cover part.

By combining the three types with various bands, the impression changes dramatically.

Sapphire crystal is used for display glass.

On the back is equipped with infrared LED and sensor using visible light LED. This LED is also protected with sapphire glass.

It is possible to check health condition such as heart rate with various sensors.

You can zoom and scroll by turning the crown called "digital crown", you can push the crown top to replace the home button.

Of course the display supports touch operation and swipe operation. In addition, the touch operation can distinguish between lightly touching operation and strongly pressing operation and used properly.

You can see the demo of Apple Watch's action in the movie below.

Hands-on with Apple's Watch - YouTube

This is a mock-up in which an inoperable demonstration movie flows, but the design and texture are almost the same as the product version to be released next year.

The application is rounded on the home screen with a round icon.

Apple Watch has two models with different screen sizes, 1.5 inches and 1.65 inches.

Zoom in / out on screen with digital crown.

Very high resolution with Retina display adoption.

Not only the screen size, but also the finish of the three main body, by combining six kinds of bands such as leather and rubber, the design is stepping forward.

The daily health condition can be managed with health management application "Activity".

A mechanism to check with the sensor on the back side.

You can also use it for training with the application "Workout".

We plan to deal with further settlement systems.

A tracing operation ... ...

Swipe operation is also smooth.

Zoom application of map application is easy with digital crown.

You can activate the message application by pressing the side button ......

You can also change the watch face to your favorite design.

The SIM free version "iPhone 6" has a size of 16,800 yen for the 64 GB model, 79,800 yen for the 64 GB model and 80,800 yen for the 128 GB model, the SIM free version "iPhone 6 Plus" is a 16 GB model with 79,800 Yen, the 64 GB model is 80,800 yen, the 128 GB model is 98,900 yen (both excluding tax), the release is September 19 and the reservation has been from September 12.

IPhone 6 - order new iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus. - Apple Store (Japan)

Also, Apple Watch will be released from $ 349 (about 37,000 yen) in early 2015.

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