IKEA's new work catalog as if it were a new tablet Explain movie too surreal

When a new PC, tablet, etc. are released, manufacturer's developers may publish movies that explain the detailed functions. A surreal movie that explains "IKEA's new catalog" as if it were a high-performance new tablet like a commentary movie of such a new type of device is released.

Experience the power of a bookbook ™ - YouTube

"Somewhat, something that will change our life will appear"

"... ... a simple device that has never existed"

"That is" IKEA Catalog 2015. This is neither a digital book nor an e-book (e-book) "

"... ..." bookbook ""

Cables and connectors are unnecessary. There is no worry that the battery of IKEA catalog 2015 will always be permanently running and the power will be turned off.

7.5 inch (about 19.05 cm) x 8 inch (about 20.32 cm) interface.

It is also possible to expand to 15 inches (about 38.1 cm).

Navigation adopts "analog touch technology".

A lot of free high-resolution pages are installed as contents.

To start browsing, touch and open the page.

Swipe left to see the previous page ......

Swipe right to go back to the previous page.

Surprisingly, there is no delay in displaying any page.

It also supports high speed viewing of overviews using both hands.

Even if the application is closed by folding the edge of the page ......

It is possible to access from bookmarks quickly.

"...... Amazing!"

In addition, IKEA Catalog 2015 is equipped with "simple color system" ... ...

It is a function that enables smooth sharing with friends and family.

As for security aspect, "voice activation function" is installed. If someone tried to touch the catalog, just say "I'm sorry! It's mine!"

"More IKEA catalog 2015 ... ..., how free it is"

If you set it to "download the catalog to the mail box" (= order delivery), it will appear when you open the mail box the next day.

Or you can "get yourself uploaded" (= going) to the IKEA store.

"Please experience the power of" bookbook ""

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