I tried three kinds of toning type LED light bulbs that can switch colors with a single switch

For light bulb type LED lighting, not only the dimming type that can change the brightness but also the "toning" type which can change the color of the light has appeared. Therefore, in order to test what kind of toned LED bulb is, Panasonic's "LDA9 GKUDNW"LDA9DGKURKW"Iris Oyama's"ECOHiLUX LDG 13-G / T-V 2I tried it all at once.

LED Light Bulb Light Color Switching Type (for Dining) 9.0 W (Daylight Color / Light Bulb Color) LDA 9 GKUDNW Product Overview | Light Bulb / Fluorescent Lamp | Panasonic

LED light bulb switching type (for corridor) 9.0 W (daylight color) LDA9DGKURKW Product overview | Light bulb / fluorescent lamp | Panasonic

Iris Oyama | LED bulb ECOHiLUX (Ekohakkusu) | LED bulb product list | ball bulb toning (3 color switching) type power consumption 12.5 W

Appearance check
LDA9GKUDNW, LDA9DGKURKW, ECOHiLUX LDG13-G / T-V2 in order from the left. It is all E26 bulb type LED.

First of all "perfect for dining" LDA 9 GKUDNW

Every time you turn on the light you can switch the light to "daylight equivalent to 60 W type" and "bulb color equivalent to 40 W type." Please note that it can not be used for dimming instruments.

Light diffusing hardly compensates for defects of LEDs Wide light distribution type has a rated life of 40,000 hours.

When eating meals are said to be warm color system lights and when you study it is clear bright daylight color to change the light color to change the light color "If you study in the living dining the learning effect will improve"Living learningIt is perfect.

When opening the box only the light bulb body and simple instruction manual were attached.

LDA 9 GKUDNW is almost the same size as a general incandescent bulb.

The length is 11.4 cm and the outline is 6 cm. Since the tip of the mouthpiece does not grow rapidly, it seems that it can be installed in most cases as long as the incandescent bulb can be installed.

Next, in the "corridor" optimum model LDA9DGKURKW

This is also a wide light distribution type.

You can switch between the light equivalent to 60 W type and the light equivalent to night light at the switch.

If it is in the night light mode it consumes only 0.5 W of electricity.

The size of LDA9DGKURKW is exactly the same as LDA9GKUDNW.

At the end, a slightly larger ECOHiLUX LDG 13-G / T-V 2 (hereinafter "ECOHiLUX")

ECOHiLUX can use three types of light bulb color, daylight white, daylight color.

The power consumption is 12.5 W and the lifespan is also 40,000 hours here.

Somewhat larger ECOHiLUX is heavy weight when taken in hand.

Metallic heat radiation fins seem to cause weight. ECOHiLUX is a ball type bulb with a total length of 13.7 cm and an external shape of 9.6 cm, so it seems likely to choose a place to install.

When three kinds of light bulbs are arranged, it is like this.

I tried switching colors
The three toning type LED light bulbs of this time are the mechanism that the color changes every time the switch is turned on / off. You can check the color switching in the model below for the dining model LDA9GKUDNW in the following movie.

LED bulb "LDA9GKUDNW" perfect for living dining that can switch lightbulb color / daylight color - YouTube

It is the following movie that I tried using the daylight color of the two kinds of brightness with LDA9DGKURKW perfect for the corridor.

LDA9DGKURKW reproduces ordinary lights and late night lights - YouTube

Switching the three kinds of lights with ECOHiLUX is like this.

Try switching the light bulb color · day white · daylight color with ECOHiLUX LDG 13-G / T-V 2 - YouTube

I compared the brightness
Three types of toning type LED light bulb brightness from about 1 meter 50 centimeters down to 1200 yen cheap light meter "LX1010BI measured it using the.

Daylight color of LDA 9 GKUDNW (equivalent to 60 W · 9.0 W · 810Lumen) Is 111lux.

Light bulb color of LDA 9 GKUDNW (equivalent to 40 W type · 6.6 W · 485 lumens) is 55 lux.

The usual daylight color of LDA 9 DG KURKW (equivalent to 60 W type · 9.0 W · 810 lumens) is 118 lux.

The night light mode (0.5 W · 20 lumens) of LDA 9 DG KURKW is 1 lux.

ECOHiLUX bulb color (12.5 W · 730 lumens) is 79 lux.

ECOHiLUX's day white color (12.5 W · 800 lumens) is 92 lux.

ECOHiLUX's daylight color (12.5 W · 820 lumens) is 98 lux.

Since the three types of toning type LED light bulbs used this time are all wide light distribution type, there is no spread in the light that is often found in the LED light bulbs, so it seems that they can be used without trouble in every place such as living dining, corridor, toilet .

With LDA 9 GKUDNW you do not need to give up the light of the warm color system for the living learning, LDA 9 DG KURKW can save energy by suppressing the brightness of the corridor which is too bright at night and ECOHi LUX can change the light according to the mood if it is feeling. For people who are particular about lighting according to the place and use, the toning type LED bulb can be said as a recommended item.

In addition, the three toning type LED bulbs are LDA9GKUDNW and LDA9DGKURKW are 3240 yen (including shipping fee) for Amazon and ECOHiLUX LDG13-G / T-V2 are 3,500 yen (including shipping fee) at Raku-daku on Rakuten Ichiba.

Amazon.co.jp: Panasonic LED Light Bulb Color Switching Type (for Dining) 9.0 W (Daylight Color / Light Bulb Color Equivalent) Base E26 Type LDA 9 GKUDNW: Home & amp; Kitchen

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