Is "LED bulb with human sensor" that can turn on / off the electricity automatically less than 2000 yen is practical?

With the proliferation of LED bulbs from incandescent light bulbs,1000 yen ~ 2000 yenWe are now able to purchase LED bulbs that are ecologous and energy efficient. Despite the same price range as such a general LED bulb, it can automatically turn off the light "LED bulb with human sensorSince some of them have appeared, the cheapest LED bulb with ohm electricity's human sensor "E-BrightI tried to buy it and have a practical function.

06-2988 LED light bulb with light / darkness / human sensor E26 / 6.3W lights 180 seconds Daylight color [LDA 6D - H 3R20] | Ohm Electric Corporation

06-2987 LED bulb with light / darkness / human sensor E26 / 6.3W 180 seconds lighting bulb color [LDA 6L - H 3R20] | Ohm Electric Corporation

This is Ohm Electric's "LED light bulb with light / dark / human sensor". Brightness equivalent to light bulb color is 380 lumens, daylight color equivalent is 400 lumens. The power consumption is 6.3 W for both, the rated life is 40000 hours, the time from lighting to lighting is 180 seconds. Some products have the same model lighting for 90 seconds.

The sensor part is made visible from the top of the package.

Both of the sensor's sensing range are downward 360 degrees, it is possible to detect the movement of a person in the range of 1.2 meters in radius below 2 meters and 1.5 meters in radius below 2.5 meters.

Looking out from the box looks like this.

"E-Bright" and the product name were engraved on the side.

I found a poppy protrusion that is different from a normal light bulb.

Looking closely, it has irregularities like a handle of a soccer ball, and this part is a sensor that detects movement and brightness of a person.

That's why I wore it in the socket at once.

There is no particularly complicated mounting method, it can be used just by installing it just like a normal light bulb.

Turning on the switch, the sensor operates without problems and lights up.

You can see how the LED bulb will automatically light up when people actually enter and respond by looking at the following movie.

Operating LED light bulb with human sensor that can be purchased below 2000 yen This feeling - YouTube

About two weeks when I installed it in two restrooms of the editorial department and tried using it, the time to enter the toilet and light up quickly, it is convenient to automatically turn off the light without pressing the switch once you get used to it. When I asked other editing members about their impressions, I heard that the opinions saying "There were good and bad times of reaction" and automatically disappears in 180 seconds if the user is not moving, "If more lighting time There was also an opinion that it is better ", but more than half said that" There was no problem without electricity "and" It is convenient to finish without touching the switch ". It is about the same price as a normal LED bulb so it does not seem to matter if you consider E-Bright at the time of replacement.

In addition, the price of Ohm electricity brightness / human sensor sensor LED bulb "E-Bright" used in the review is 1944 yen at Amazon at the time of article creation. LED Light Bulb with Light and Darkness / Human Sensor E26 / 6.3 Wit 180 Seconds Daylight Color [LDA 6 D - H 3 R 20] LDA 6 D - H 3 R 20: Home & amp; Kitchen LED Light Bulb with Light / Darkness / Human Sensor E26 / 6.3W 180 Second Lit Bulb Color [LDA 6L - H 3R20] LDA 6L - H 3R20: Home & amp; Kitchen

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