The result that human beings are controlled by robot is easy to work and satisfaction is high is found out

ByJiuguang Wang

The evolution of robots and artificial intelligence is proceeding in proportion to the evolution of computers, and ultimately "Will it rob the human work?Although it is felt that worry of becoming reality is felt, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), The interesting result that the work form "human beings work based on the robot-based plan" is not only the most efficient but also satisfying for the person performing the work is revealed became.

Want a happy worker? Let robots take control. | MIT News Office

In the verification, two workers and one robot were used and we examined efficiency and satisfaction by implementing the work pattern set for verification. The state of the verification and the result are summarized in the following movie.

Decision-Making Authority, Team Efficiency and Human Worker Satisfaction in Mixed Human-Robot Teams

Mr. Matthew Gamboray of MIT who conducted this experiment verified two assumptions as "1. the work efficiency of the team is proportional to the level of automation" 2. "Human workers can be given a role within the team I like it more, but I do not want to be forced to put an excessive burden on planning the schedule. "

Among the three people in the picture, the first right is Gumboirei. Two people shaking hands are those who participate in the experiment.

And shaking hands with the robot. We will verify how work efficiency and satisfaction change depending on differences in work management method, with two people and one robot as teams.

The workshop where the experiment is carried out is as follows. The task of collecting the material from the left Fetching Station (picking place) and assembling it on the right Assembly Station (assembling station) is done, but the assignment of the task assignment is divided into three patterns and comparison is done.

1. Manual Team
Worker 1 creates a work plan, and the robot only picks materials.

2. Automatic team
The robot assigns and picks up work, and both workers work on the work.

3. Semi Automatic Team
Worker 1 creates a work plan for himself, performs picking and assembly work, while robot assigns worker 2 and assigns worker 2 to work.

From the graph comparing the results of verifying the above three patterns, you can see how the work efficiency gets better as more robotic automation is done. The blue bar shows the work time and the red bar shows the work assignment time, but you can see that the bar gets shorter as you get closer to the right automatic team (= the ratio of automation increases).

In addition, as a result of collecting the opinions of the subjects, opinions such as "I felt like understanding between the robot and me" and "The robot was wise" were raised, and as an advantage of the automation, "Enhance team productivity "" I was able to finish the work in the shortest possible time "is pointed out.

In the hypothetical stage, it was the aim that it was said "to find the point where the work efficiency of the team and the satisfaction of the worker are the highest", but ...

From the results of the verification, it was revealed that the work efficiency and the satisfaction of the workers increased in direct proportion as the automation of work assignment by the robot advances.

However, Mr. Gamboray does not intend to say "robot versatility theory", but this result emphasizes that the algorithm made by human beings is the most important to move the robot to the last, the point is " It is to develop a tool to automatically plan the plan, "he says.

In this verification, since a very simple basic task is included in a test case, we want to wait for actual verification at the actual site where more complicated requirements are added, but a robot that is excellent as a tool and human beings can make good use of it It is unlikely that it is important to do that.

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