Why is Twitter seeking diversity in employee composition?


Twitter, one of the companies that have achieved great success as an SNS, has released its employee composition data. The reason for disclosing the employee composition data is "I would like to seek more diversity of employees", but why did Twitter ask for a diversity of employee composition and why?

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The ratio of male and female employees of Twitter is as follows. From the left, it is a ratio of male to female employees who are employed for all employees, technical positions, non-technical positions and managerial positions. Looking at the employee as a whole, 70% of male employees and 30% female employees. In technical positions, 90% of men are employed, and 79% of men are in managerial positions and more than women. Only in non-technical employees, the ratio of men and women is the same.

Below is a graph showing the race composition ratio of Twitter's American headquarters. Which department is overwhelming is the percentage of white-based employees, followed by many Asian employees. Other races such as Hispanic and African are overwhelmingly less than Caucasian and Asian.

Twitter says "There are not enough diversity in the employee organization in the IT industry, Twitter is no exception, there are still many issues to be addressed." Two survey results on Twitter's answer to the question "Why Twitter sticks to the diversity of employees so far?"

Firstly, what kind of difference will be made in task achievement by having tasks executed by a group composed of the same race and another racial group conducted by Associate Professor Katherine Phillips of Kellogg School of Business Administration To investigateExperimentis. In the experiment, the group composed of the same race showed confidence in cooperation and smooth communication, while the group composed of other kinds of people gave excellent results in decision making, and finally in the degree of accomplishment of the task It was better than the same race group.

Secondly, a gender research institute catalog targeted 520 companies in the worldInvestigationis. In the survey, it turned out that companies that women are in managerial positions have a higher performance.

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Based on the results of these two surveys, Twitter believes that those who have diversity in employee sex and race benefit the company. Actually on Twitter a group for women in the development field "WomEng"Or Latin employees gathered"Alas"Or"Girls Who Code"Or"Girl Geek DinnersWe also provide support to external organizations such as "We are clarifying that it is a policy to emphasize the diversity of employees.

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