Pondezaire bridge which damaged too much with love padlock


From Paris, FrancePondesar (Art Bridge)It is said that eternal love can be obtained by attaching padlocks where the lovers wrote each other's name to the railings of the bridge and casting the keys to the Seine river. It is known as a romantic tourist attraction, but in June 2014A situation in which the number of padlocks has increased so much that part of the fence collapsesHas occurred, and I have actually checked that "how long is the key attached?"

Pont des Arts, 75006 Paris, France

Pondezaard is Metro'sPont Neuf stationIt is a few minutes on foot from the hotel. On the street to the bridge there was a street vendor that sells backdrops and portraits, and as I approached the bridge, I saw a fence with a padlock.

The fence just in front of the bridge is about flip flops and padlocks.

Ladies' names and dates are written in padlocks.

The number of padlocks increases as you approach the bridge ... ...

Arrived at Pondezar.

Across the streetCool Care of the Louvre MuseumYou can see.

Looking at the balustrade it is a tremendous number of padlocks.

The scenery on the far side can not be seen at all.

Looking from the back, it is like this.

What is the man who stands with a stiff face ......

I sold eternal love.

There are no longer places to install, places where keys are keyed and excited.

The attached key is a padlock that shows the Eiffel Tower that seems to have printed somewhere ... ...

Red heart shaped padlock

Plate that smells a complicated relationship engraved with five names

A wire lock is wrapped around a handrail, and there is also a lot of keys on it.

Whatever the key is OK, U letter lock ......

Even if it looks up to a thick chain lock for a motorcycle.

A couple leaning on the railings of the bridge and talking about love found more than one pair, but because they were just broken, few couples attached the key.

When I was walking for a while, I found a fence that is oddly new and less key at one place. Apparently it seems to be a place where this collapse, but after being repaired already. It was the end of July that I visited, so in about a month from collapse, it means that this new key was newly installed.

The broken initial state is as follows. He said that the fence had peeled off 2.4 meters without being able to endure the weight of a lot of padlocks.

Before crossing the bridgeCanal AcademieThere is a radio station called the radio station, which is sandwiched between buildings of historical appearance ... ...

Due to the excessive number of keys, the voice of "disturbing the landscape" and the voices of the dangers of injuries who did not appear due to the collapse this time are raised. According to Wikipedia, we estimate that the weight of the padlock applied to the entire bridge exceeds 50 tons.

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