Android OS pattern lock authentication is about three letters of alphabet security

In addition to inputting passwords and PIN codes, the unlock method of Android smartphone lock screen is to trace nine dots "pattern"there is. However, the security of authentication by this pattern seems to be high and not high, but it seems that it is not low as if it is low.

Delight-im / AndroidPatternLock · GitHub

A service that allows you to publish and share your software program code and design data to people around the worldGitHub, Android OS Pattern Authentication Full list is released. I created the pattern listDelight.imBy assigning numbers from 1 to 9 to the dots used for pattern lock authentication, patterns are garbled by listing the order of dot tracing with numbers.

For example, the pattern shown below will be represented by the number "2486".

In the Android OS pattern, there is a rule that it connects at least four dots, one dot can be tied only once (though it can pass above), and a pattern is created under this rule it is necessary.

According to the above rule, this is a list covering all patterns of Android OS. Since it is a text file, it is 3.32 MB, so be careful when opening it.

Patterns using all 9 dots are also listed on the list. Patterns that seemingly seemingly complex are also ......

This street is posted batch-wise on the list.

According to, the number of patterns is 14, 704, which is almost the same number since there are 140 thousand 608 combinations of alphabet letters that distinguish between uppercase and lowercase letters. That is, Android OS pattern authentication is equivalent to a three letter alphabetic password.

However, with Android OS Pattern Lock Authentication, you will be prompted to enter your Google Account's registered e-mail address / password if you mistake the pattern many times, so it is impossible to get a brute force attack to break the lock,Even FBI could not release pattern lock authenticationSo it is known that the security level is high.

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