"Devil Homura" appeared in transcendence quality, reproduced the aura of "The Movie Magical Girl Madoka ☆ Magica [New Story] The Tale of the Rebellion"

Aniplex direct shop EC shop "ANIPLEX +"ButOne festival 2014 [summer]The first exhibition at "Satan Homura" has come down.

A huge exhibit that stands out in the Aniplex booth

When approaching, black feathers are suspended from the top and hung up and dancing

Discovered under it

"The Movie Magical Girl Madoka ☆ Magica [New Story] The Story of Rebellion" from "The Devil Homura" 1/8 Scale

Production of prototype Katsuka Miyajima, production cooperation with Stringer Co.

Overwhelming power, total height 265 mm

"Even if it is finished in any way, I am sure you are fine, as long as you stay by my side -"

Level of incorporation is also unusual level

Viewed from the back

Anyway feathers are amazing

Even if you look from behind the quality of masterpiece

A dedicated pedestal is included, and "additional expression parts" "feather parts" "Kyubeoe" are also included as additional parts. It is Kyubeu that it is hard to understand this well.

The price is scheduled to be released in December 2014, 16,600 yen including tax,Reservation acceptedis

Even in the "figma" series "Non demonic devil" appeared

Max protactor production is Max Factory (Takahashi Naoya), production cooperation is Maki Asai

Size is about 13 cm in total height

A dedicated pedestal is attached and comes with "normal face", "smiling face", "dark orb", "kyubee", "owning hand" (plural right hand, plural left hand) as accessory parts. The wings are also fully movable.

Price is 5900 yen including tax, scheduled to be released in February 2015, official websiteReservation acceptedis

Also, "Tomoe Mami Maiko Ver." Will also appear as a 1/8 scale figure. Prototype production is Katsuka Miyajima, production cooperation is Stringer Co., Ltd.

"Movie version Magical girl Madoka ☆ Magica" It will be Tomoe mami of a maiko figure drawn as a visitor bonus award New Year card in a single screening

Maiko instead of clothes

Rear view

Bebe will also come with you

It is the point that I imitate Mami secretly. I am currently under supervisionBoth price and release time to be determinedis.

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