The backpack boasting high waterproof / antifouling function "STROLL BACKPACK" carrying the contents becomes contents when it gets soaked

Hit by sudden rain, whole body soaked & the contents of the bag are soaked and may feel unwelcome, but "STROLL BACKPACKRepels most aqueous and oily liquids so that you can protect contents from such sudden rainTeflon processingIt is made with dough and can maintain high strength and durabilityPVC TarpaulinIs used, boasting high waterproof and antifouling function. When I was getting soaked with rain when I was carrying such a STROLL BACKPACK, I tried experimenting because I was wondering how much wet the contents.

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This is a stylish design and this is STROLL BACKPACK. Develop backpacks and accessories for bicycle ridingBerufIt's made in the navy color.

This card is included with the backpack, the materialCORDURA EcoMade FabricHas been used, and it can be confirmed that DuPont's Teflon processing has been applied to this.

Fasteners used for STROLL BACKPACK are all waterproof fasteners.

Looking closer and like this, the feeling that the polyurethane film is stuck on the fastener.

With the back side like this, the side can be put in and out from here because the zipper is attached.

There is a print written as "beruf baggage" in the center of the back, this will be a slip so that the back and the backpack will not shift when carrying it.

The top of the backpack looks like this.

Since it is closed with a Velcro, it peels off perfectly here.

Then stretch out the folded part ... ...

When the Velcro strap is peeled off, the main storage space appears.

A large mouth will appear when you open here, so you can easily put in and take out items of pretty large size.

Although it is not necessary, you can also insert as many objects as PCs, cameras, books etc at the same time.

When you see the following movie, an image will be attached to how much objects will enter STROLL BACKPACK.

The capacity of STROLL BACKPACK is this - YouTube

Inside of the STROLL BACKPACK has such a feeling, since the material called PVC tarpaulin with slick touch with its surface covered with polyvinyl chloride resin is pasted on the whole surface, it repels water with the inside and the outside double, further high durability You can also maintain sex.

Also, since there is only one large pocket in the main storage space, thin items such as books and smartphones are likely to be placed here.

Of course you can also access the main storage space from the side, so you do not have to wrap around and winding up the top Velcro tape every time.

There are two sub pockets on the outside of the STROLL BACKPACK, and the top sub pocket has a pocket inside.

When I look closely at the front, I found a pocket with zipper here.

Although the upper sub pocket has storage capacity quite well, it is good to store books and pens etc. because too much thick things do not enter.

The bottom sub pocket looks something like this. Because it makes three-dimensional more than the upper pocket, thick things are likely to come in, but there are no pockets inside.

Looking at it actually, it looks like this, it certainly seems like it looks like a person riding a bicycle carries it. The actual feeling of carrying is also cushioning of the strap part is reasonable, I feel something like a sense of security fitting the bag along the body.

There is also a pocket on the left side of the backpack into which you can put a plastic bottle.

I tried to get soaked
It is STROLL BACKPACK which uses the material with high waterproofing / antifouling function, but when I was struck by this, I was wondering what happened during the rain and tried it.

I will read the newspaper that I finished reading.

I thrust it into every storage space.

And it was the neighborhood park that came. A refreshing sunny sky ... ....

Prepare a plastic bag to make it rain ......

Completion of simple rain falling machine by putting in water and making holes.

The state before wetting is like this.

So it is hit by the rain with a simple rain falling machine.

Pashaphasa sprinkle water and sprinkle STROLL BACKPACK.

I was struck by water for a few minutes and it got swept all over my body and the T - shirt worn under the shirt was scaled.

Between the STROLL BACKPACK and the back water is also entering.

I bathed water from overhead, so the upper part of STROLL BACKPACK is especially wet.

I decided to sprinkle water further.

Where you sprinkle water on STROLL BACKPACK you can see it in the following movie, you can see well that you are scattering water.

When water is applied to STROLL BACKPACK, it feels like this - YouTube

Looking at the inside at this stage, the contents are not wet at all and the newspaper is completely intact. Awesome, STROLL BACKPACK ......

I will sprinkle water further Janjan to see how far it gets wet in the STROLL BACKPACK when wet.

Although most of the water flickers, because the water is put on the STROLL BACKPACK placed on the ground, the repelling water gathers on top of the backpack more and more.

Then I will check the newspaper charged in STROLL BACKPACK again.

At first glance the newspaper is not getting wet ... ...

The edge of the newspaper was wet a little.

Looking inside the STROLL BACKPACK ......

Since the material in the inside also repels water, I could confirm that only a little water accumulated on the bottom of the backpack.

I touched the inside of the STROLL BACKPACK and confirmed it, apparently that water seeped out little by little from the seam part of the fabric. When the back pack was laid on the ground and water was applied, the water repelled on the fabric flowed to the seam part of the fabric and the fabric, and it seemed that it was flooded inside. However, even if you touch the inside, there is no such thing as water seeps out from the seams of the fabric and the fabric, so it will be a long period of heavy rain or a side stroke of rainstorm to use it normally It is obvious that it is almost a gray that water is flooded in the bag unless it is exposed.

Although the waterproofing function of STROLL BACKPACK is not perfect as a result of the experiment, it turned out that there is hardly any case that water is submerged to the inside in the degree of being struck by the rain. After the experiment, it was sunning to dry the inside of the bag which got wet, but since the water in the middle still remained after 1 day, the part that was flooded inside was a towel etc. I also knew that wiping off was better.

In addition, STROLL BACKPACK is sold at Rakuten Market at 20,544 yen including tax plus shipping fee.

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