'Hummingbird' where you can propose the anime to watch in the future from 'what kind of anime you have seen so far and what story', and share the latest information and impressions related to animation

The anime that were broadcast in the spring of 2014 are on their way to the final episode, and in a little more time, about 40

new anime will start in the summer . Since a large amount of anime starts broadcasting every cool, it is surprisingly difficult to remember firmly which animation you saw up to what story, and you may just drop out as soon as you miss one episode. May. ' Hummingbird ' is an online service that allows you to record such 'animation viewing status' and also introduces the animation that suits the user from the viewing data.


First of all, from account creation. Hummingbird can log in using a Facebook account, but this time, click 'Sign up with email' on the top page to create a dedicated Hummingbird account.

After inputting the account name and password required for account creation, and the email address, click 'Register Account'.

A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you entered, so click 'Confirm your account' in this email to complete the account creation.

The top page of Hummingbird looks like this.

Click on one of the links in the 'Industry news' on the top page...

This is 'Love Live! Movie Announced (

News of Love live film adaptation was a page saying)'.

Users can leave comments on these pages, and it seems that overseas

love lovers are overjoyed to make Love Live into a movie. However, it seems that many people are expecting the third term, and it is clear that there are many greedy users.

Below this, there is a line of links called 'Community discussions'. Click one of these.

The name of the board that I clicked is ``Ugly faces in anime'', a board where users freely upload and comment on the scene where the anime character has an unlucky look was.

Fate/Zero caster-san...

Several characters with unique facial expressions, such as a snowball, were uploaded.

You can always see these chat boards from the 'Community' at the top of the screen.

Since the top page is only this, I will jump to the profile screen by clicking 'Profile' from 'Dashboard' in the bar part at the top of the screen.

The profile screen looks something like this, you can freely enter text in 'About' and enter your favorite animation in 'Favorite Anime'. You can also change the cover image of the page and the image of the account icon, as you can on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. However, there are still many unimplemented features in Hummingbird, and icons such as 'Compare' and 'Suggest' could not be used while writing the article.

Then click 'What's Trending' in 'Explore' on the top bar of the screen.

On this screen, the animations that are currently popular among Hummingbird users, the animations that have recently been reviewed, and the ones that are subject to review are displayed.

At the top is 'Trending Today'. So, if you click on 'Casket Chaika' for a trial...

In this way, the outline of the animation is displayed at the top, the detailed information (genre, related animation, quotation, cast, production studio) is displayed in the red frame, and the animation review is displayed below it.

When I clicked on 'Quotes', I found Chaika's habit 'Shocking Truth!'.

Other cast information...

Studio information is clearly specified.

In addition, at the top of the page of 'What's Trending', there are buttons called Year (generation), Genre, Order (sorting), Anticipated (animated for broadcasting), Airing Soon (animated to start broadcasting soon). It is also possible to display animations that apply to these.

In addition, since 'Highest Rated' and 'Most Popular' can be selected from 'Order', what kind of animation has a high rating in Hummingbird? To see if it is a thing.

Hummingbird's most highly rated anime looks like this. From the 'Galaxy Hero Legend' that was released in 1988 to the 'Attack on Titan' that had been broadcast until just this time, they are arranged in a wide variety of evaluation order.

This order can be changed from 'Highest Rated' on the upper right of the screen.

When rearranging to ``Oldest (oldest first)'', animations in the monochrome era are displayed, but the oldest animation with individual pages prepared in Hummingbird is 1917. '

Battle crab ' was broadcast. If you select the age and genre on the left side of the screen, the anime you are looking for will be easier to find.

Next, click 'Recommendations' from 'Dashboard' at the top of the screen.

Then, this screen will be displayed, and the recommended anime will not be displayed.

To display recommended anime, you need to check the anime you have watched so far, the animation you are watching now, the animation you want to see in the future, etc. To do so, jump to the individual anime page and click 'add to library'.

And, 'Currently Watching', 'Plan to Watch', 'Completed', 'On Hold', 'Dropped', 'Remove from Library ( Select the appropriate one from 'Delete from library)'. You can change the viewing status of the animation at any time from the 'Library' of the 'Dashboard' on the top bar of the screen.

When you check the animation in this way, the red frame part of your profile screen changes.

If the checked animation thumbnail has a mark like a red frame or a blue frame, the red frame solid mark has already been watched, and the circle mark drawn with an orange line is attached It shows that you are watching halfway.

In this way, if you check the already watched animation or the animation to be watched, the recommended animation is displayed on the 'Recommendations' screen like this 'Let's see this animation next time' It will come to you.

Hummingbird is open source and the source code is available on GitHub.

hummingbird-me/hummingbird · GitHub

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