Wearable terminal "TOKEN" which can pay easily and safely and lend and borrow money is a nice future?

FitbitA wearable terminal of the wristband type that checks the body temperature and heart rate like the one shown in the previous page and manages the daily physical condition shows signs of spreading. Under such circumstances, wearable terminals that can easily and securely process remittance and receipts such as payment and money borrowing and can take over information management regarding money as wellTOKEN"Has been proposed. If there is a wearable terminal TOKEN that can manage 'asset management' instead of 'physical condition management', how to handle money seems to change to litter.

Token: A Wallet on Your Wrist - Artefact

You can understand what type of wearable terminal TOKEN is with one shot with the animation GIF below.

TOKEN is a wristband type wearable terminal. First, tap the "+" "-" icon on the display and set the amount of money you like.

A very simple UI that "+" increases the number and decreases with "-". When the amount setting is completed ......

Choose what you want to do with money. "PAY" means "Payment", "GIVE" means "Donation", "ASK" means "Billing". For example, if you choose PAY (payment) ......

Since it becomes the selection screen of the payment method, it is possible to choose a favorite settlement method such as "DEBIT (account withdrawal)" "VISA (credit card settlement)" "AMEX (credit card settlement)".

Finally, if you do biometric authentication such as fingerprints, payment is completed.

TOKEN is a wearable device that can directly manage money by directly connecting to the bank account to be deposited and can receive remittance and money freely anytime anywhere. In other words, it is "ATM for myself in the wrist" feeling.

With TOKEN, you can combine payment methods freely, such as debit cards to get the item price to be withdrawn from your account, as well as to pay a part of the price with a debit card and the rest with a credit card .

In addition, TOKEN has built-in Bluetooth function and it is possible to make payment without going to checkout.

Because people who can acquire TOKEN can exchange money with each other, it is OK to lend and borrow money such as "Please lend me some money!" "Good, how much?" In addition to notifying the due date in advance, sometimes it can become a "witness" of money lending / borrowing.

Furthermore, in the style "Split force (money) to Ora!Cloud FundingIt is also possible to use it.

TOKEN, which can manage all kinds of information related to money, is not just a remittance terminal, it can also manage assets. If you look at TOKEN, you can grasp how much money you have and how much you borrow money to whom.

In addition, we will analyze the behavior patterns that they are scattered in firmly, so we can also support saving by issuing a warning "Pay attention to excessive use!"

In order to use TOKEN, security is perfect because it is checked at two stages of passwords that you set yourself and biometrics such as fingerprints. Loss of passbooks and cards, lost credit card, taken reissue fee, no worry about illegal remittance to someone.

TOKEN is a design companyArtefactConcept model proposed by internal venture company. According to Artefact, consumers can not only exchange and manage money more easily and safely, but also for banks and credit sales companies, it is possible to make remittance service safer and reduce the cost of issuing cards etc. I am appealing.

TOKENBitcoinUnlike virtual currencies like bit coins, it is a wearable device with the concept of being able to manage 'real' currency more freely than ever. If TOKEN is put to practical use, remittance procedures in everyday life become easier and safer, and it seems that we can manage assets wisely. Perhaps the day may come, "Manage various virtual currencies such as Bitcoin wisely with TOKEN."

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