Smartphone "Gear Live", "LG G Watch", "Moto 360" released worldwide with "Android Wear" will be announced

Google is "Google I / O 2014" held on June 26, 2014, with the previously announced wearable platform "Android WearBased smart watch will be released from Samsung Electronics, LG, Motorola.

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LG G Watch | powered by android wear

Moto 360 by Motorola

Google I / O 2014

During the presentation at Google I / O 2014, a watch icon appeared on the slide.

And the real watch that is projected.

In the presentation, introduction of the previously announced wearable platform "Android Wear" began.

Smartphone users will check the display 125 times a day.

Android Wear was developed so that you do not have to check your smartphone over and over again.

The LG G Watch smart watch "LG G Watch" which appeared as a demonstration machine was awfully hot.

Android Wear can synchronize smartphone notifications and display them on smart watch. In the image below the message of Hangout is displayed on the display of LG G Watch.

The operation of LG G Watch obviously touches.

You can swipe the display left and right with your finger to check the information you need.

Twitter can also be displayed.

Other than that, Gmail and ...

Synchronize all kinds of notifications such as pedometer and inform the user. Users will not have to look at the smartphone all the time.

Facebook message looks something like this.

weather forecast.

Swiping and erasing unnecessary notifications are the same feeling of operation as Android.

You can also browse on the internet.

Images can also be viewed.

Android Wear also features Google Now, a voice recognition feature.

Talk to Google Now as "Remind me to check your email when I get home," you can use it as a reminder.

Notifications confirmed on Android Wear are processed as confirmed on smartphones as well.

It is also possible to voice alarm of smartphone from LG G Watch. In addition to this, you can also use the voice recognition function to play music.

Several dial plates as watches are also prepared. It is attractive that you can change the dial with your mood.

In the presentation, I did a demonstration to smoothly carry out an itinerary from San Francisco to Brazil using LG G Watch.

Let me show airline tickets ......

Hotel information ... ....

Work on the smartphone usually processed on LG G Watch, such as checking the weather on the site.

LG G Watch used in the presentation is on sale on Google Play from today.

Smart watch "Gear Live" with Android Wear appeared also from Samsung Electronics. Start accepting orders from Google Play from today.

Motorola also announced that it will release a round shaped Android Wear equipped Smart Watch "Moto 360" in the summer of 2014.

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Also in Japan you can purchase Smart Watch "LG G Watch" equipped with Android Wear, how to buy like this - GIGAZINE

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