"Hoverboard VR" realizing hover board of back to the future with virtual reality

A movie that will time slip into the world of 2015 "Back to the future PART 2"Skyboard flying in the sky"Hoverboard (hover board)Although it will appear, as of 2014, the road to practical application of hover boards is still far away. While the hover board in the real world is in trouble,Virtual reality (VR)A movie that shows that hover board is relatively easy to realize is released.

Hoverboard VR - Sneak Peak on Vimeo

VR headset synonym "Oculus Rift"Installed.

Motion controller's "KinectIs staring at the player.

Fearfully "Balanced Wii Board"Step into the game and start the game.

A man who hands his hand forward without thinking of balancing.

His sight is like this. I am running on Oculus Rift's VR world with a hover board.

A blue arch came forward in front of us.

Pass squatting and pass safely.

Next to the player is a figure of a friend watching the state of play.

The player is desperate.

Move body weight in small steps.

An arch appears again. Can you climb the mountain next to that?

It's a desperate player for the game ... ...

A somewhat stupid sight from the floor.

But in the VR world I am desperately sliding.

Remove Oculus Rift and finish the game.

This is an online advertising agency in the NetherlandsQuinceHowever, Oculus Rift + Kinect + Balance Wii board is combined to reproduce the hover board in the VR world. Although it was developed for promotional purposes, it is interesting as an idea of ​​a game, so I would like to expect further development.

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