LAWSON 's "Sekkin salad sandwich made with tobacco" makes better coffee making

From LAWSON on May 27 (Tue), "Chicken salad sandwich made with toreWe released the. It is a luxurious finish using a portion of fat and umami that is popular among tuna, "Toro", and since it can eat two kinds of sandwiches in one bag, I bought it and tried it at once.

Release of "Tsukiro made sea kick salad sandwich" | News release | Company information | Lawson

Atmosphere that 'package of salmon sick salad sand' package is the same as ordinary delicatessen bread.

While having lunch boxMACHI caféIt has become a specification sandwich ... ...

Tuna mushrooms are used 100%.

The calorie is 280 kcal, and raw materials can be confirmed such as bread · tuna salad · lettuce · pickled tuna · mayonnaise · cucumber · · ·.

Opened from the place where it is written open on the raw material table.

When opening it is like this. I have two sandwiches, but the ingredients are different.

Sandwiches with tuna salad and rough tuna are full of tuna even when seen from the side.

When you peel off the bread, you can check mayonnaise, cucumber and tuna.

At first glance Tuna · cucumber ...

The appearance of mayonnaise is normal.

Since coffee and compatibility are good, I prepared coffee.

It was not so big, it was easy to hold by hand.

Impression that it tastes stronger than ordinary chicken and tastes of fine fat when eating. Normally, when mayonnaise and sea chicken are combined, the taste of mayonnaise is pretty much the one with the taste prevailing, but this sandwich was made with the taste of the sea kicks won.

While preparing delicatessen bread, compatibility with coffee is not bad. It looks nice to eat with coffee at lunch or snacks.

The other sandwich is a combination of tuna and lettuce.

Take the bread, you can see lettuce, tuna and black pepper granules.

Black pepper can be confirmed on mayonnaise ......

Plenty of tuna dressed in mayonnaise.

When sandwiched and eaten, unlike the sandwich you ate earlier, black pepper and lettuce enter, so it has a fresh, fresh accent and has a finish easy to eat. The presence of tuna stands out as ever and taste is tapped. The compatibility with coffee was not bad either.

The price of "Shikkin salad sandwich made with tooth" is 265 yen including tax. Even if you buy a tunna sander once, there seems to be no loss.

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