Successfully created sperm precursors using infertile male skin cells

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Due to the progress of science in recent years, in modern timesCreate ES cells that can change from human skin cells to any cells in the bodyIt is now possible to do,Cell ReportsAccording to the latest research published at the time, special cells such as sperm and ova can be made from skin cells.

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【PDF】 Fate of iPSCs Derived from Azoospermic and Fertile Men following Xenotransplantation to Murine Seminiferous Tubules - S2211-1247 (14) 00264-2.pdf

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There are genetically infertile people in the world. For those people, the technique of "making male skin cells sperm" is a miracle-like technique. However, to make mature sperm, it is necessary to adjust intracellularly or properly the cell nucleus, gently tailor the conditioned cells in an appropriate environment, and continuously stimulate externally until it matures There seems to be one.

In a study that succeeded in producing sperm from skin cells genetically manipulated skin cell samples of subjects including men who are genetically infertile and therefore can not make children,ES cell"We can grow to any biological tissue in theory" to make use of the characteristics of sperm cells (sperm cells) to create the source. In clinical experiments, we succeeded in injecting sperm cells into the mouse testis and culturing them to create sperm precursors (early stage sperm).

By using ES cells and iPS cells, sperm precursors can be produced from male skin tissue,Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh present papers in 2012It was the first time that he succeeded in producing from a skin tissue of a male who actually had few spermatozoa.

Researchers at Stanford University who conducted the experiments seemed to have succeeded in fertilization using the cultured spermatozoa at the laboratory said, "In future we will be able to produce sperm more productively from infertile male skin cells I will make it. "

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"Infertility" for men and women wanting men and children who live in modern timesVery big problemHowever, about one-third of the cause is a genetic problem. The cause of the most infertility is the decrease in the number of sperm production due to the missing Y chromosome in men and the study points out that Y chromosomal sterility occurs at a relatively late stage of sperm maturation process doing.

"Our findings will be the first experimental model to study the growth process of sperm," says Dr. Reijo Pera, research director who is active in the field of stem cell biology and regenerative medicine, We may be able to transplant cells produced from the skin directly into the male testes to produce sperms. "

Dr. Allan Pacey, a senior lecturer on the regenerative medicine and pharmacology at the University of Sheffield, said that because he thought that sperm did not fertilize even if sperm could be made from infertile male skin cells, It shows a surprising obedience to the experimental result. According to Dr. Pacey, sperm produced from the skin of an infertile person may have a lower probability of fertilization than normal, but because it is not impossible to fertilize, this is because many people who suffer infertility wish It is a technology that can become possible. However, "It is likely that children born with sperm created from the skin of infertile people may have a higher likelihood of suffering from infertility like their parents."

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News of the siteExtremeTechAccording to this technique, if you make sperm from the skin of the person who died in the war with this technology, even the dead can even become a father of the newly born life, so some bioethicists will say " People claiming that human rights should be established "and those who complain that" making sperm from the skin itself should be prohibited "and that ethics are also controversial. Extreme Tech commented that "This research limits further evolution of human beings is neither science nor technology, but has become a human ethical part."

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