Changing the blood type of a girl by receiving transplant surgery

It seems that the blood type of an Australian girl who underwent a liver transplant operation has changed naturally after surgery and adapted to the donor's immune mechanism. This is the first time in the world that blood type changes in transplant surgery.

Details are as below.Australian girl switched blood type after transplant doctors

Demi-Lee Brennan who was 9 years old at the time was suffering from serious liver failure, so we decided to undergo transplant surgery at the top childhood hospital in Sydney. It seems that stem cells were transferred from the liver transplanted to her bone marrow, and it was discovered that blood type change and adaptation to the immune mechanism were found 9 months after surgery.

According to Michael Stormon, a hepatic medicine who was also a medical doctor who was also a medical doctor, Brennan is currently in good health and said that such cases have never been published in the world, "because most of the immune system It is the same effect as bone marrow transplantation that it turns into donor's one. "

Currently the rejection of immunity is a major hurdle in organ transplantation, so it is said that this case is attracting interest whether it can be used for other transplant surgery. "She was very lucky because there was a possibility of postoperative infections," Stormon said, and the future challenge is to establish a way to achieve results this time.

The article on this case is said to be published in the American medical information magazine "The New England Journal of Medicine".

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