"Helshio Tea Presso" for enjoying full-fledged tea of ​​the whole nutritional ingredients of tea leaves Review

A capsule coffee maker that can enjoy authentic espresso can serve as firefighter and enjoy "perfect tea"SPECIAL.TWhile commitment to coffee and tea makers appearing one after another, tea ceremony with tea ceremony can be brewed full of authentic tea with the model "grind, boil and spot" which is the traditional Japanese culture of tea ceremony "Was developed as"Helshio Tea Prezso"is.

Helshio Tea Plesso is able to enjoy tea flavored tea containing all the nutritional ingredients of tea leaves because tea can be poured into whole tea powder. I was able to borrow such a Helshio tea press so I tried full-fledged tea.

Helshio Tea Presso: Sharp

Appearance check
The GIGAZINE editorial department came to see "tea presso" in white and brown design. It looks like a coffee maker, and the rounded design seems to be good for women.

This is a "tea container" reproducing tea ceremony (tea ceremony) movement and sprinkling tea.

Electric "tea soyu" is the part that reproduces the movement of the mushroom and grinds the tea finely.

There is a water tank that puts water in the upper part of the back side, and it is refreshing flat design.

The switches are aggregated at the top from the left with tea container lock / release button, "grind" button, "tea" button, start button and all. When tea container lock / release button is pushed ... ....

A mechanism whereby tea containers are removed. In addition, when you put the tea container, you do not need to press the button.

Put the powdered tea in the hole with the top lid cover slid.

When removing the cover, you can see "Rotation is in it" inside the container. It seems that tea will be stirred like a tea.

The water tank on the back ... ...

It can be pulled up and removed removable.

Boil 3 cups of hot water at a time.

This size is like removing tea cakes.

Open the lid on top of the tea cubes and put the tea leaves.

You can adjust the condition of grinding by turning "grinding method adjustment dial" at the top of the case. It is OK to match "fine" for drinks and "coarse" for cooking.

If you adjust the adjustment dial to "remove" ......

You can remove the dial part.

Inside parts look like "upper unit".

When raising up the upper unit, a white ceramic "white" at the bottom.

Left is upper, lower right. It is a mechanism to grind tea leaves with these two kinds of threads.

I tried to grind tea
I will prepare tea leaves of green tea and try tea. First we start by grinding tea.

You can check how to grind tea leaves with Helshio Tea Presso in the following movie.

I tried grinding the tea leaves with "Helshio Tea Presso" - YouTube

When grinding was finished in about 6 minutes, the pan was slightly misaligned by vibration as described above.

Powdered tea is made in the saucer.

Powdered tea is in the form of smooth powder.

I tried popping a cup of tea
I will make hot tea using ground powdered tea. First put water in the water tank ......

Set in a predetermined position.

Open the lid cover and put 3 teaspoons of powdered tea in accompanied tea spoon small ... ....

Close the lid and you are ready.

You can check the appearance of sprinkling warm tea with Tea Presso in the following movie.

I tried to make hot tea at "Helshio Tea Presso" - YouTube

After about 4 minutes the alarm sounds and warm tea is completed. I dropped tea leaf tea and a very dark tea was poured.

Although it is a very dark color like "green tea", when I try to drink it almost hardly feels the bitterness, it is refreshing enough to be able to drink without difficulty even by people who say "bitter matcha ... ...."

I tried comparing it with tea brewed normally in teapot for testing. Tea Prezo said that it can make about 3 times more volume than teapot with the same amount of tea leaves. So we made the same amount of hot water, tea leaves tripled when making with tea pressso and tried tea with teapot.

A comparison of the tea that I pointed out looks like this. Tea is on the left and Tea in the right is tea. You can see that the teaspresso is darker. However, as compared to drinking, the tea brewed with teapot is overwhelmingly bitter and the mellowness of tea Presso's tea stands out. Despite all the nutritional elements of tea, it is surprising for tea Presso that has little bitter taste.

When brewing with teapot, where only 30% of the tea's nutritional ingredients can be drunk, Tea Presso makes it possible to ingest nutritional ingredients wholly as it is powdered tea leaves.

I made a green tea latte
Helshio tea PRESUSO can make "LATE". Green tea latte put heated milk in tea container and put in powder tea and choose "Late" button OK.

In the case of a small teaspoon of powdered tea, a light green latte appeared.

Although the bubbles are small, the flavor of the matcha is sufficient, it was a very mellow latte when drinking. If you want to give more flavor, you can adjust your favorite, such as adding more powder tea.

Powder tea for cooking
Hershio Tea Presso that can make whole tea leaves can also grind powder tea for cooking. If you adjust the grind adjustment dial to "coarse" you can grind green tea for cooking.

When grinding it, this powder tea has been completed. It looks a little rough compared to the powdered tea for drinks we grinded earlier, but it is in a smooth condition.

Immediately before the completion of Carbonara in trial, put in a flip flop.

When I put in 4 teaspoons of tea spoon small, it feels like this. When I ate it, the flavor of tea was pretty tight, and I felt a bit of bitterness. Because cooking powder tea has a tasty rich tea taste, it seems better to taste the flavor as a hidden taste with less amount to cook.

"Helshio tea pressreso" which grinds the whole tea leaves into powder and can be served full-fledged tea can enjoy not only warm tea but also latte, tea maker who can enjoy various tea if you change tea leaves, add nutritional ingredients of tea leaves Because the whole tea containing tea is brewed, it is perfect for health-oriented people. Also, because mellow mellow tea with little bitterness is poured, even people who are not good at tea bitterness can enjoy fragrance and umami.

Helshio Tea Presso has become 22,800 yen (tax included, free shipping) at Amazon.

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