Arrested on suspicion of holding a 3D printer gun "Defender Mk.II" from Japan, how did you make a gun?

Police arrested for suspected violation of firearms sword law by saying "I was posting a video shot of a handgun that seemed to have been manufactured using a 3D printer that creates objects three-dimensionally from resin etc. on the Internet video posting site" What kind of guns did the 27-year-old man print out?

First of all, you can check what kind of gun was actually seized in the movie on NHK News site below.

Arrested with a 3D printer armed with hand gun manufacturing or suspected possession NHK News

This is the confiscated gun

It is already known on the Internet that "Internet video posting site" is "Nico Nico video".

Yoshitomo's user page - niconico

It is because the police instructed to delete it when searching for a house to seize, gun-related movies are unable to be audited by pinpoint, but knowing the scales from the remaining comments etc It is possible that in the search for a house "live bullet" could not be confiscated, but in fact it seems that he made his own bullet of guns.

How to make bullets of 3D printer guns in Japan by ordinary citizens - Nico Nico Douga: GINZA

We also released a state of manufacturing guns using 3D printers as follows,Legitely print success as model gun",further"Fire at last in Japan! It is!"And uploading the video one after another, you can see evidence that you were hooked up quite a bit.

3D printer gun "Liberator" legally as a model gun successfully printed - Nico Nico Douga: GINZA

3D Printer Gun "Liberator" Finally fire in Japan! It is! - Nico Nico Douga: GINZA

You can check the "Liberator" which became the base of the 3D printer gun "Defender Mk.II" developed in Japan with the following YouTube movie.

Liberator - Free 3D Printed Gun [Should it be illegal?] - YouTube

Also, the arrested user seemed to refer to the following movie, and it is linked from the official website of the arrested user who comes later.

Defense Distributed's 3D Printed Liberator Pistol Assembly - YouTube

And this user created 3D printer gun from Japan "Defender Mk. IIThat's why. We are showing off at 10:36 on October 10, 2013 on Nico Nico Douga as follows.

3D printer gun 38 single caliber Japan developed its own! It is! - Nico Nico Douga: GINZA

And, "We will publish STL data to the following site today late at night", assembled at 20:53 on 20th October 2013, and continuously watching movies at 00:20 on October 22, 2013 It is open to the public.

3D Printer Gun Finally STL data released! It is! How to assemble Defender Mk. II - Nico Nico Douga: GINZA

3D printer gun 38 single caliber assembly movie - Nico Nico Douga: GINZA

However, when posting data at this time "Provide free STL file for 3D printers: 3D CAD"It has been deleted by haste.

However, according to the explanation such as information of other moving images, it seems that it was possible to discover the place written as below, to provide the data at its site and download it, without being able to delete it .

日本で開発された3Dプリンター銃、Defender Mk.Ⅱのモデルガンの組み立て方です。にて3Dプリンターで印刷可能なこの銃のデータを公開中です。日本国内の3Dプリンターのデータ共有サイトにアップロードしたら削除され締め出しを食らったので銃のデータ規制に対抗するために自らサイトを立ち上げてデータを公開しました。

The site itself has already been closed and deleted, but it has become accessible from the following and "On this site, we make 3D gun designed as a real gun as a model gun so that it conforms to the gun sword method. Introducing 3D printer guns compatible with these firearms and sword laws and publishing CAD data. It is a valuable site even in Japan which is legally publishing gun data that can be printed with a 3D printer. Please do not use published CAD data other than model gun production.You can see that the notice was displayed on the top page. Also, from this site it is also linked to the movie uploaded by the user of the corresponding Nico Nico Douga.

3D Printed Weapons Data Base Japan

I can compare that the guns on the top page and the guns taken by NHK are almost the same.

In the coverage of NHK etc., it is reported that it used only 3D printer, but from the above site it is used for metal milling "Proxon milling machine No. 16000 【10 piece set】"Mr. Meister (Mister Meister) Small Metallurgical Woodworking Lathe KS-200"Ultra small desktop milling machine "X-1""Proxon Mini Band Saw No.28170Since such things as NHK's images are reflected as chirals other than 3D printers, it was quite serious that they made various kinds of machine tools that are commonly available in Japan You can see that. Conversely, if you have funds and places, the likelihood that anyone can do the same is very high.

In case of arrest this time, we not only manufacture guns, but also produce bullets, fired guns that we made, and they are able to download them on a net movie fair and openly, and download the data at the end of the phrase It is in the state that it can not be overlooked indeed, and it is a feeling that the police who received the report have reached the situation of searching for a house and arresting, and the 3D printer in general is not dangerous, it is quite to the last You should think that it is a special rare case of transcendence.

◆ 2014/05/09 2:19 Addendum
You can know what kind of idea you have with this user's Twitter account.

Tweets on making guns are also quite a lot, previously worked at a town factory for nearly seven and a half years, acquiring various skills and knowledge at that time, and according to his remarks, he said that he was involved in the manufacture of weapons related to defense By doing so, you can see the following statements.

You can understand from the following tweet that the idea that you should have a gun anyhow is quite solid.

Regarding the disclosure of videos and data that triggered the arrest, it is touched as follows.

Not only guns but also maids have considerable hype, and most tweets who talk hotly about things about maids a lot, and apart from the gun sites that have already disappeared "If it's a classical maid, fantasy maid hallThere is another site named "Same.

Self-introductionIt is as follows and you can see that besides the machine work which led to the arrest of this time, I was considerably devoted to maid.

Admin self introduction

HN Flying Yurin Ruri (Hishoinori)
Gender Male Age 27 years
Online Game Pretty Girl PC Game Akihabara Search
Doll sewing machinery construction German 19th century European maid culture study
Countries you respect Germany / USA
Favorite things Victorian era maid
Favorite Music Former Soviet Union National Anthem "For Motherland"
Life goal Living with a maid in a Western-style building in a quiet area

My 'way of life'

I will fight against the fate that stands in life and never give in, I will penetrate my way of life.
No matter what you say to other people, I will not give away a step, never walk away on my way.
And it will be a wise and strong tiger (independent) without being one of the hyena herds (organization).
It is my pride that I struggle to strike my life by going to my goal in such a posture.

My life goal "I love maids as maids and live with maids".

Therefore, one room at home is also remodeling like this Western style.

YouTube has uploaded a movie that introduces a room of her own residence that was remodeled like a Western-style.

I made a Western-style room - YouTube

There is also a tweet that seems to be seeing the background of my life so far.

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