Since Bitcoin is not a currency, SilkRoad founder insists that it is not "money laundering"

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The US government "Since Bitcoin (bit coin) is not a currency, it is subject to taxationAlthough we announced a policy of "virtual currency that emerged, countries are bothering us with their heads. Illegal site that had traded such as drug trafficking with such bit coin "Silk Road(Silk Road) 's administrator Los Ulbricht was arrested and charged with charges such as money laundering, Ulbricht's lawyer said "Since bit coin is not a currency, it does not apply to money laundering"We are developing arguments.

USA v. Ulbricht, motion to dismiss charges

Alleged Silk Road owner says he can not be guilty of money laundering if bitcoin is not money | The Verge

The back site "Silk Road" which even broke the request for the purchase and sale of illegal drugs and the request of homicide is designed with an emphasis on anonymity, such as being able to be used only by using special software called Tor, and it is extremely large for traffickers of drugs I was getting popular becoming. Bit coin was responsible for the de facto settlement currency of this illegal site. The strong anonymity of the bit coin has gained overwhelming support for those who commit crime.

Los Ulbricht, arrested as a manager of the Silk Road, is charged with four crimes such as hacking, drug trafficking, conspiracy, money laundering. According to Urubrich's lawyer, the former three of them are civilly responsible to the last, saying "It is against the Constitution to impose all criminal charges on Mr. Ulbricht who was just a site administrator" We insist that it is only. Ulbricht himself also said that he was talking to a lawyer, "Although it was true that he operated an illegal site, it was not a" central character "of drug trading," he said.

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And regarding the fourth money laundering, if we follow the interpretation of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), "Bitcoins are not just currencies" in the first place,We can not question money laundering crime because it is not "funds" or "monetary instruments" set by law prohibiting money launderingWe take countermeasures against the opinion of the government by saying that it is the opposite.

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It was once the world's largest bit coin exchangeMt. Gox bankruptcyWhile under the influence of the United States government continues to discuss the currency of bit coins. This time Urubrich's lawyer took advantage of the announcement by the US government, but there is always the possibility that the US government will take the view that it will recognize the currency of bit coins, and Ulbricht's crime It seems that the magnitude of that will also depend on that judgment.

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