Google's useful search results that I do not know and know

Google search, which displays values ​​directly in currency conversion or unit conversion, can not be omitted even when traveling abroad.

Hello,Around the World Bicycle WorldIt is Takuya Sudo @ Chaliderman. It is a Google search that I use casually all the time, but in addition to currency and unit conversion, there are various useful functions. Whether what you can search at the moment, Google officialUsage tipsI tried to examine it while also referring.

◆ Geography in general
Searching for "[any country name] + capital", the capital of that country will be displayed. In the case of Tanzania, since the capital function was relocated in 1996, Dodoma is displayed instead of Dar es Salaam. Bolivia is not La Paz but Sucre. In South Africa, Pretoria (executive branch), Cape Town (legislature), Bloemfontein (judicial branch) and three cities are displayed.

When searching for "[American state name] + state capital", the state capital of that state is displayed. However, it seems that the capital cities other than the United States such as Canada and Australia do not come out, and it is impossible to issue the prefectural office of Japan with "prefectural office location + prefecture name".

When searching for "[country name] + population", the population of that country will be displayed.

When searching "[prefecture name] + population", the population of that prefecture is displayed. The city also has a prefectural office locationCore cityIf it is okay, it will not hit as it becomes a smaller city. Municipalities are also likely to be difficult.

When searching for "[country name] + GDP", the country'sGDP (GDP)Is displayed.

Searching for "[country name] + official language" will display the official language of that country. In Belgium where the fight between residents of French and Dutch languages ​​is a problem.

When searching "[country name] + independence", the independence date of the country is displayed. I think that establishment is inappropriate because it is different from the company ... ....

When searching "[country name] + birth rate", the birthrate of that country will be displayed.

When you search "[Country name] + population growth rate", population growth rate of that country will be displayed.

When searching "[country name] + average life span", the average life expectancy of that country is displayed. South Africa, a developed country, has a short life span because many people are infected with AIDS.

When searching for "【mountain name】 + altitude", the altitude of the mountain is displayed. Mont Blanc andChimborazoIt will come out in mountains of foreign countries such as.

When searching for "[Island name] + area", the area of ​​the island is displayed. Not only the name of the country and prefecture names, but also the area of ​​facilities such as Tokyo Dome comes out.

When searching for "【river name】 + extension", the extension of the river is displayed.

Similarly searching for "[river name] + catchment area" will be the river basin area.

"[Building name] + above ground height" I understood the height of the building. You can also search Malaysia's Petronas Twin Towers and Dubai's Burj Khalifa.

In the same way, if you search "【bridge name】 + total length", the extension of the bridge will be displayed.

When searching "【National Road Name】 + total distance", the total distance of the national highway is displayed. It seems that it covers the major one digits such as National Highway No. 2 and the national highway of 10's, but it will be subtle after that.

When searching "the distance to the moon + earth", the distance to the moon was 384 4400 km was displayed.

When searching "[prefecture name] + place of interest", the prefecture's sights are displayed with images. Even if you search by country name or city name, it was the same.

◆ Political economy
Searching for "[country name] + president", the president of that country will be displayed. Since there are no presidents in Britain and Japan, it will not come out unless it is set as "prime minister".

Searching for "[politician name] + political party" will show the political party to which the politician belongs.

When searching "[country name] + currency", the currency of the country is displayed.

When you search by searching [currency name] with a number, the yen value of that currency is converted at the current rate. Very convenient function when you are abroad.

This currency name is USD for US dollar, GBP for pound sterling, etc. Alphabet 3 lettersInternational standardIt also corresponds.

When searching "[company name] + stock price", the stock price of that company is displayed.

When searching for "[company name] + head office location", the head office location of the company is displayed.

Searching for "【company name】 + CEO", the companyCEO (Chief Executive Officer)Is displayed. The president seems not to accept it.

◆ Entertainment
Searching for "[group name] + member", members of that group are displayed. AKB48 is attached with images, but members who are withdrawing were also mixed.

Search by "Golden Bomber + Member" to this kind of feeling.

When searching by "[singer name] + songs", a list of song names appears.

When searching for "【singer name】 + latest album", the latest album is displayed. In the latest single, it will not be the same.

A Google teacher who tells me that it is "Miss A Thing" when searching for "Theme Song + Armageddon".

When searching "[work title] + author", the author of the work is displayed. For example, "Conan" is interpreted as "Detective Conan", Manga artist Ayama Gyouchang appeared.

Similarly, searching for "[title] + director" will show movie director.

When searching "Mr. Sazae + Broadcasting Station", it answers that it is Fuji network.

When searching for "[actor name] + television", the drama on which the actor is appearing is displayed with an image. If you change the part of TV to "drama", the list of drama will not appear. You can sort by popularity order, newest order, oldest order in the menu on the right. You can do the same thing by searching for "movie".

When searching for "[celebrity name] + age", the age of that person is displayed.

Similarly, when searching for "[celebrity name] + birth date", the person's birthday is displayed.

Searching for "[celebrity name] + cherry blossom" will tell you the age at which the person died and the time of living.

By searching by "[celebrity name] + spouse", you can tell who and who they are from.

When searching for "[celebrity name] + height", the height of the person is displayed, but this is a bit of a private feeling.

By searching for "baseball + ranking" you will know the latest situation in the professional baseball pennant race. Changing the "baseball" part to "pallet" or "celleg" will result in only the status of each league, but even if it is "football" it will not be a ranking chart of J League (J1).

When searching for "[player name] + jersey number", the player's jersey number is displayed. This was okay with the J League players.

When you search for "【player name] + belonging team", you will see where the player is playing.

When you search by "【Athlete name】 + Position", you can see that the football player Shinji Kagawa is a midfielder.

◆ Other useful searches
Try to correct the acre to tsubo, unit conversion is a very convenient function.

One gallon used in the United States is 3.78541178 liters.

Units specific to Japan such as "16 sentences" of 16 sentence kicks are converted.

When you search for "atomic symbol + element name", atomic symbols for that element are displayed.

Similarly, when searching "Chemical formula + [compound name]", the chemical formula of the substance was displayed.

By searching "[city name] + weather", the weather forecast for that place is quick.

Searching by "[city name] + sunrise" will tell you the sunrise time of the place. The sunset is the same shape.

When you search by "[city name] + time", the current time of the place is displayed. When time zone with time difference in Japan such as "time + America" ​​"time + Russia", all time zones were displayed.

If you search by "zip code + [digit 7 digits]", you can get the address. This is not displayed on, it needs to be

"Yamato + [tracking number 12 digits]" It seems that you can also check the delivery situation of the package.

Calculation results and calculator appear when searching for mathematical expressions.

What is the difference between what is displayed and what is not displayed?
Items directly displayed by Google when entering as a search word are those displayed in the "Summary" column displayed when searching. When you search the surface area in the summary item surrounded by this red frame with Saturn, a figure of 42.7 billion square kilometers is displayed.

Similarly, if you search for items such as radius, mass, distance from the sun, gravity, etc. together with Saturn, Google will display the answer directly. However, it seems that nothing comes out even if the satellite is searched together, so I do not know what is the standard. Will the summary that comes from this search result be edited by people inside Google?

Either way, since it is a Google search essential to the Internet, I would like to make good use of it. There are many other possibilities, so please let me know if there is something.

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