28 unpublished works that Andy Warhol drew on a PC are discovered from a floppy disk

BySteven Zucker

It is also a representative of American pop art in the 1960s, depicting popular motifs such as Campbell · soup can and Marilyn MonroeAndy · WarholAn unpublished work was discovered. Works in 1985AmigaIt was painted with a paint tool, and it came out from the floppy disk.

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28 unpublished works in all. Campbell can and ... ....

Self portrait.

I have three eyesThe birth of VenusSuch.

The work was when Warhol performed a demonstration using Amiga 1000 's paint tool.

It is an artist who is based in New York in December 2011 and calls itself "Warhol Mania and computer nerd"Cory ArcangelMr.AmigaLook at the movie of Warhol that uses,Andy · Warhol MuseumIt is all the beginning that we proposed to restore the Amiga 1000 hardware saved in the AWM (AWM) and review the data in the disk. Arcangel will study art and science in 2012Carnegie Mellon University (CMU)InstitutionCreative InquiryI contacted Mr. Golan Levin, a professor of the University of Tokyo, and studied with the members of the computer club organized by the students.

In 1985Lincoln CenterThe situation at the announcement for Amiga's press conference conducted by Commodore at the exhibition can be confirmed from the following movie. Warhol is a modelDeborah HarryIt takes a picture, imports it into Amiga, and adds a color using a program for painting.

Andy Warhol paints Debbie Harry on an Amiga - YouTube

It was unclear at the time of the survey what kind of digital work Warhol had stored. However, while the team is investigating the list of folders in the floppy disk, the file name which recalls the famous work "campbells.pic" "marilyn1.pic" appeared. Although it was in a state unfamiliar to the present at all, it hurried, but by having a member with expertise in the team successfully restoration was succeeded successfully, AWM experts said "This is a work of Andy Warhol" It was said that it was judged.

In addition, the series of surveys show "Trapped: Andy Warhol's Amiga ExperimentsIt was shown in CMU as a short film called "Hillman Photography InitiativeIt is also planned to be made public on the website 's website.

Arcangel who made the opportunity for this discovery said, "What is surprising is that these paintings seem to have intuitioned Whahor as digital means" as a means of expressing yourself. " I will.

Warhol that seems to have anticipated the contemporary Internet society, leaving the term "in the future, everyone can become a global celebrity in the future" in the 1960s. Until May 6, 2014 at the Mori Art Museum "Andy · Warhol Exhibition: Eternal 15 minutes"Is held and you can see that talent.

Andy · Warhol Exhibition: Forever 15 Minutes | Mori Art Museum

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