Apple's patent royalty "Approximately 180 yen per device is reasonable" Experts testify in court

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As Apple infringes five patents against Samsung, Samsung'sPatents royalty of $ 40 per device (about 4105 yen)Although both companies are fighting in court, financial and economic experts appeared as witnesses of Samsung and testified that "Calculation of patent fee for Apple is incorrect".

Samsung's damages expert calls Apple's patents 'negligible' in value | The Verge

As a patent royalty fee for five patents of Apple "tap function", "integrated search function", "data synchronization function", "slide to unlock function", and "autocomplete function", Samsung smartphones and tablets sold per unit sold by 40 In a lawsuit requiring Samsung to pay the dollar (about 4100 yen), on April 21, 2014 (local time)Yale UniversityProfessor of Faculty of Finance and EconomicsJudith ChevalierMr. Court appeared in court as a witness.

Chevalier said, "Samsung's device is reasonable as a reasonable patent revenue for $ 1.75 (about 179 yen) per device," a much lower amount than Apple's $ 40 (about 4105 yen) Testimony. It is the amount that was determined from statistical analysis by Mr. Chevalier's own research, 66 specialized reviews on products and review of 22 major IT news sites including The Verge etc.

ByGeoff R

According to these findings, the percentage of products that Apple claims is 5 products is about 1.07%. Regarding the two patents "integrated search function" and "slide to unlock function" which occupy a particularly large proportion, "Compared to other important functions related to screen quality and processing speed, these patents are among the products The function to produce is worthless as much as possible. " According to Chevalier's estimate, Samsung should pay 38.4 million dollars (about 3,941 million yen). It is believed that as a result of the testimony of Apple's assumption far from the $ 2,191 million dollar (about 224.9 billion yen) tested, the jury examination to be held next week will have some impact.

Meanwhile Samsung, who has finished defense argument against Apple, prepares a lawsuit seeking royalties for Apple as infringing on two patents relating to "video capture, compression, transmission" and "photo gallery" There is that.

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