I tried "Walking Plus Gum & Tablet" made for eating at exercise

In recent yearsThe sales of gum are fallingThere are data that the manufacturer has developed a new product with various preferences. I took in the ingredients contained in red pepper so that I became interested in the taste so I tried it at once.

Lawson 'Innovation Lab' First Developed Product Release | News Release | Company Information | Lawson

8 Lotte Walking Plus Gum and 50 Lotte Walking Plus Tablets are all packages based on yellow.

Gum mixed in "Capsiate"Is a component contained in hot chili pepper and is a component of hot pepperCapsaicinCompared to, the hardness is about 1 in 1000.

Raw materialErythritol· Maltitol · chili pepper extract processed product · gum base etc.

The calorie was 17 kcal, considerably modest, ate all 8 grains per box.

When opening the box, 8 gums were contained.

When you take out from silver wrapping paper, white gum appears.

Try it. The inside is transparent and seems to be different from the outside gum.

There are also things like using capsules about 1 / 1000th of the capsaicin's spicy, and although the feeling as hot is not that much, a mysterious sweetness combined with the flavor of lemon and acerola at the moment of chewing Spreading in my mouth, plenty of incongruity ... .... It is the tightness of fragrance that reminds me of Fu Shengam entering 4 boxes per box, and I wanted to make the sweetness moderate a bit more. This intense taste comes out in about 2 to 3 minutes, and after a while the weak lemon flavor remains for a few minutes.

Lotte Walking Plus Tablet 50 grains are bright packages with illustration of lemon printed.

In a case where it fits in the palm of your hand, fruit juice is 3% higher for these tablets.

Raw materials are reducedPalatinose· Processed pepper extract · Lemon juice powder etc.

The calorie is 22 kcal per pack, as little as gum.

I will take it out.

The size is quite small. I will eat it.

A little marble pattern is contained, the taste of lemon is fairly intense, it may be sour if you put a lot of grains in your mouth at once. There is hardly any sweetness, although it is not enough to feel "hot", I feel lightly like a squeaky flavor towards the back of my tongue. It is not as exciting as the gum for drowsiness, but it looks like it can be used for similar uses.

8 Lotte Walking Plus Gum and 50 Lotte Walking Plus Tablet are 140 yen including tax. Even if you do not taste it for walking, you may buy it if you like the lemon taste food.

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