A movie that gathered the reaction when the baby took lemon for the first time

Taste changes as you get older, so bitterness and sourness will become delicious if you become an adult. What kind of reaction do you show when you let the baby eat the exceptional sour lemon for birth? A movie that tested that is being released.

Pucker - YouTube

For a baby gathered a lot, first, my mum hands out lemon.

Babies who receive obediently "Why are you giving up?"

If a baby with cheeky expression also exists before eating ......

Some babies are likely to be seeing what tests are with horrible eyes.

When eating a meal, the babies look like "What's this?"

Some babies were pleased.

Even though they thought they were sweets, they are disappointed enough to be seen.

When eating sour things, the characteristic "frown face" is not a teaching but it is understood that it is a natural expression.

Somehow my stomach is Bunibuni

"Wait a minute!"

The baby on the left side injected too much a runny nose in surprise.

"I do not want it at all, but ... this feeling is one ...?"? I am confused by the unexperienced taste.

Would you like a sour taste by nature, or a baby looking happy to take out a tongue with a pelor.

When you eat sour foods, the amount of saliva secreted increases, but it is noticeable in the baby.

The flavor of lemon which I ate for the first time

"What's this this awaa!" And a frown frown.

The baby the previous time threw a spoon.

The baby on the left seems to be not good at acidity, but the baby on the right is dabbling as it is.

Most of the baby 's reactions look like this, it looks like she does not feel "delicious" ......

Some babies were willing to eat. Especially the baby on the right seems to like Lemon very much.

Where did you remember the baby you were crying earlier? Have your hands on your face with a feeling like "I can not do it ...".

Eventually most babies flick off lemon, throw them freely, and sour lemon is highly disreputable.

The determination of "I will eat again!" Appears. Even so, it was surprising that there were a few children who liked lemon.

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