Report I went to see "Progression mapping of attacks" where you can experience the feeling of hopelessness of the human race who encountered the ultra-large giant Report

Large, extra large giant of 60 meter class, Ellen · Mikasa · Rivai etc.Attack on TitanPopular characters appearing on the screen take action using three-dimensional mobile devices "Advance giant projection mapping"Was to be held at Rufa Plaza of Lazona Kawasaki Plaza, which is directly connected to JR Kawasaki Station, so I actually went to the site and experienced a powerful projection mapping.

ATTACK ON THE REAL au Smart path presents Advance giant projection mapping

The full projection mapping projected can be seen from the following movie.

'Advance giant projection mapping' looks something like this - YouTube

"Advance giant projection mapping" will be held at Lazona Kawasaki Plaza.

Arrived at Rufa Square where projection mapping is seen. It is at 19 o'clock but it arrived pretty early before 17 o'clock.

A stage for talk show has already been set up in the hall ... ...

Around the orange fence the customers who came to see the projection mapping were making rows.

The view from the square is like this.

The image of the projection mapping is projected to the building called Muza Kawasaki which can be seen from the Rouxpark Square, but what exactly will the expectation of how big super giant will appear with a feeling ... ....

Looking at the venue from the upper floor is like this.

Even without getting off the square, you can see the battle where the projection mapping will be projected.

Many customers have already gathered zolozolo two hours ago ......

Some of the investigative corps people also.

As the neighborhood gets darker, more and more people will increase. Humanity should have drastically decreased when becoming a giant's food ......

Then at 19 o'clock, Mr. Yui Ishikawa of Mikasa on stage, Yu Kobayashi of Sasha role, Mr. Ryotaro Muramatsu who was in charge of production of projection mapping. Mr. Yobu Kobayashi who is Sasha's role is "Puffy potatoAppears and brings out the venue.

It is like this in the venue where the talk show is exciting.

Advance giant projection mapping inside the venue like this - YouTube

And the talk show finishes in no time, and projection mapping will start at last.

The projected projection mapping can be confirmed from the following.

"Advance giant projection mapping" projected on a skyscraper looks something like this - YouTube

Characters appearing in manga gather together ......

Suddenly the armor giant will destroy the screen and show up.

From another angle.

Everyone in the crowd watching over breath.

Besides, the forest of a gigantic tree where the investigation corps and the female giant fought a deadly fight ......

A woman-type giant approaching.

I also encounter familiar giants.

And a huge hand suddenly appeared.


It is exactly like the humans who encountered the super large giant suddenly appeared in Wall Mary.

As beforeLotteriaYaHokka Hokkatei,Lawson,JRAAlthough it is a progressive giant who has been collaborating with collaboration with others, in this projection mapping, unlike the previous projects, it was a valuable experience to experience the size of the giant with the skin.

The attack giant projection mapping is done for 3 days from 10th, 11th, and 12th April 2014. On April 10th, three times of 19:00, 20:00, 20:30, 11th and 11th It is scheduled to be held three times at 19:00, 19:30, and 20:00 on the 12th.

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