JRA collaboration with the advancing giant and "Japan Cup of Advance" opens, original movie & game is chaos

In line with the 33rd Japan Cup held on November 24, 2013, JRA collaborated with "Giant of Advance"Advance Japan Cup"The site called is open. Within the site you can play games that progress in movie format, the completeness of the game is very high, and if you are a fan you should be playing it once.

【JRA】 Japan Cup of Advance

When you click on the link above and move to the site, the movie starts.

"November 2013 AD"

A huge red hand emerges ... ...

People gazing at their hands

And a super large giant familiar with the attacking giant appears.

It appeared that it was not near the walls but a race track ... ...?

After the opening movie is over, we will move on to the top page of "Japan Cup of Advance".

Before playing the game, click "Detail view" at the bottom of the screen.

Then the information about "Japan Cup of Advance" will be displayed in eye-catching style of animation "Advance giant".

The height of the main stand of the Tokyo Racecourse where the Japan Cup is hosted is just as large as the super large giant.

How to watch the Japan Cup

The charm of the Japan Cup etc is also written.

There are such things inside, and in the world inside the site, it seems that ultra large giants have appeared in the Japan Cup in the past.

So if you enjoy all the setting materials, start the game by clicking "Start race" on the top page. In the game, you will become Ellen Jaeger, the hero of "Advance Giant", and will challenge the Japan Cup race.

When the game starts, the movie starts again.

The live of the movieOzuka AyumiIs going.

With Rivai soldier heading refraining the race ... ...

Survey team members.

Ellen is in the middle of the row.

In this race, besides the members of the survey team, a lot of giants will participate, it is such a chaotic specification.

A super large giant who has a history record in the past seems to watch from outside the hall.

A stone's solid gate opens ......

The race started.

The Levi team that can run.

Behind it is also an ali of members of the 104th Training Corps Graduate.

From the back, the giants chase.

It seems that sex tragedies are also participating in the race.

While the incandescent race continues ......

The first game started here.

The game is as simple as clicking the mouse at the timing when the circle icon falling from the top of the screen overlaps the white icon at the bottom of the screen.

If you click it well you will clear the game with such feeling, the story will advance.

Investigational corps that will make the race go smoothly.

But from the back giants will catch up.

And further from the back ......

A woman's giant rushes over.

The Rivai team finally caught up.

Here the game starts again, the second game is to spin the mouse.

It is OK if you rotate the mark displayed in the center of the screen.

Repeat mistakes and fail!

Even if the game fails, the story progresses.

Something came coming from behind the Rivai group ......

Looking back, there ......

The figure of the armor giant.

Finally it is a fight between Ellen and the armor giant ... ...

Zuzan! It is! It is!

I had a brilliant defeat ... .... The game is not so difficult, but to clear the second game, it is better to challenge after preparing a large space where you can move the mouse and mouse bigger.

"Japan Cup of Advance" started as a collaboration project between JRA and "Advance Giant", but from 12th December (Wednesday) it is planned to hold "Arima Memorial of Advance" as the second collaboration project about. Although it is Cony Springer appearing together with the super large-sized giant - Ellen - armor giant - female type giant on the top page, the Cony fans need preparation of the heart because they do not appear at all in the game or the movie is.

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