Twitter corresponds to "Emoji" so that pictograms in tweets can also be seen on PC

It is commonplace to post pictograms from smartphones on Twitter, but even if you look at that post, you can not see pictograms from the PC's browser and it was sometimes not tweeted as you intended, but as of today The PC version site of Twitter corresponds to pictogram display, and the emoticon in tweet is displayed now.

A tweet support tweet looks something like this.

It is the same in Japanese. As written here, it is the mobile terminal that can pictograph emoticons, only browsable from the PC.

Currently celebrating the lifting of emoji on PC, hashtag "#emojiparty"Is an Emoji festival.

Emoji filled with empty tweets

By the way, although you can see most pictograms in Firefox and Internet Explorer, most Chrome pictograms are not supported, and most of them are "□".

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