Kitcut to eat baked with a toaster is on sale, it turned out to be a creme brulee flavor when it was actually baked

Nestle'sKitKatToSpecialty store that sells commodity commodities supervised by patissierThere is also, Kitcut specialty store "kit cut chocolate" selling "baked kit cut" that can be enjoyed even at home "Bake and tasty pudding taste"Will be on sale from Wednesday, March 24. I got a baked kit cut ahead of the other, so I actually baked it in a toaster and tried eating a pudding flavor kit cut.

KIT KAT BREAKTOWN | Nestle kit cut break town | Bake and delicious kit cut

The package looks something like this.

When burning with a toaster it is easy to complete a new cut kit cut.

The details of how to bake were listed on the back of the package.

Baked to eat 13 kit cuts to eat. Raw materials include semi-chocolate, wheat flour, vegetable oil, lactose, sugar, caramel powder, etc.

It is 64 kcal per one.

That's why I opened it at once.

The package of the sachet is a light blue check pattern on the red ground.

Taking it out of the bag, two kitcuts of purine taste are one set and it is slightly shorter.

It is about this size feeling when putting it on the palm.

First of all, I try to eat without baking.

Kitcut cut without baking is faintly pudding. So far kit cut isKobe Pudding flavorYaPumpkin pudding flavorIt sells the goods, and people who like pudding taste can finish deliciously as it is.

However, this time I will bake using the toaster by saying "baking" kit cut. Kit cut is hard to collapse in advance if it is cooled down, and when putting it in the toaster, it is best to arrange 4 sets and place a little. That is why I put a cool kit kit on the toaster.

When using a 1000 W toaster, it is a good idea to bake in 2 minutes to 2 minutes and 30 seconds without preheating. Chocolate began to melt after about 1 minute passed after the baking started.

It gradually colors ...

Until it gets foxes it will be quick. Because it seems that there is a difference depending on the toaster, while looking at the baking color, take out a little baked color on the surface and remove it. Because there are places where it is difficult to have grill depending on the position where the kit cut is placed, fine adjustment is necessary to bake evenly.

Complete when chocolate solidifies a little after chilling.

The surface is crispy texture, there are places where it is likely to collapse whilst leaving the smoothness of chocolate, and indeed a feeling of freshness. There was no fragrance to it if only lightly baked eyes, but coupled with the feeling of crispness of the wafers inside, it was a kit cut that just enjoyed the texture.

What will happen if you bake it further? Experiment with that. I tried to bake the kit cut at room temperature for less than 3 minutes without cooling this time.

It has a solid baking color on the surface, somewhat like a grilled pudding, but it looks like a roasted rice cake.

It is difficult to peel off from aluminum foil, as it is not solidified immediately after completion.

Toro - Melting kit cut seems to be delicious.

It seems that it is better to chill a little a little bit, but I wanted to eat freshly made, so I tried to eat it in a little warm condition and it broke in the mouth with a smooth texture of soft chocolate melting and a hollow You can enjoy a sense of texture.

It was cold and consolidated.

The left is normal temperature, the right was chilled in advance, but it is certainly beautiful that you baked after cooling it beforehand as it looks.

The surface of the chocolate is rainy like the surface of the claim brulee, and the texture crisp. While there is a bit of bittersweet, you can also feel the solid sweetness of the pudding. Although it is tasty both in a state which is not solidified and a state which is cooled and solidified, it is impressive that the texture stands out more firmly, so if you like the taste and texture of creme brulee, you can bake it and cool it It is recommended.

The section looks something like this. You can see that the surface is rainy.

In addition, since oily ingredients contained in chocolate may catch fire when baking excessively, please do not take your eyes off the toaster when baking.

Therefore, even if you eat as it is, it is a kit cut that you can enjoy different deliciousness even if you bake a little baked and eat even if you eat, it is highly recommended for those who like sweets that enjoy the texture. In addition, the price is 525 yen including tax (540 yen including tax in case of new tax rate).

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